How to write About Us Page on your cleaning business website?

Written by: Nicole  Garrison

Regardless of their business portfolio, companies with retail storefronts and physical office spaces undoubtedly require janitorial and cleaning services. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, it’s a good time to spruce up your cleaning business website and write an inviting About Us page in 2020. Based on Market Research, the situation has declined the need for cleaning services by 1.6% in 2020; however, growth estimates for 2021 stand at 7.4%.

According to MRO Supply, 24% of all businesses use outsourced cleaning services, with an estimated $48 billion annual revenue from janitorial services of different types. Whether you are a small-scale cleaning business or offer extensive outsourcing support for mid-sized and large companies, your website has to make an impression.

Given the physical nature of cleaning business services, clients are likely to go for the About Us page to find out more about your staff. How do you write a good About Us section and convince potential clients that you are a good fit for them? Which mistakes should you avoid while doing so? Let’s discuss this in the following segments.

Benefits of Writing a Good “About Us” Page for your Cleaning Business

So, why should you care about your About Us page? When it comes to cleaning businesses, it’s all about building trust with potential clients. After all, you will send your staff to another business’ premises – it’s only natural that they would want to know more about you beforehand. Writing a good About Us page is not about you, in truth. It’s about what “you” can do for “us”. A cleaning business with a client-centric About Us page is likely to garner critical attention and positive impressions from potential clients more often than not.

Diana Adjadj, Business Development and Writing Specialist at Trust My Paper, spoke recently: “Use your About Us page to your advantage. Take time to write, edit and proofread the type of sales pitch you yourself would go for. You are on your home turf – use the opportunity to talk about your values, etiquette, culture and staff as a whole. Businesses are all about the people behind the scenes – give your brand a voice, and a face and your public reception will shine as a result.”

When it comes to concrete advantages a proper About Us page can bring to your doorstep, we could break things down into multiple points:

  • Inspire trust and respect with potential clients
  • Improve your website’s SEO ranking
  • Let your clients identify with your values and culture
  • Easy to update and add new information after writing

Writing an “About Us” Page for your Cleaning Business

  1. Present an Attractive Value Proposition

The first writing task you should handle concerns your business portfolio – what can you do for clients? Clients who are shopping for a cleaning business will likely seek very specific information on the websites they visit.

Do you offer housing space maintenance or work exclusively with company contracts? Which features do you include in your contracts and what is their minimal and maximum length? Address the concrete information concerning your services and attach a standardized pricing document for your visitors’ benefit. This will save you time and filter clients who don’t agree with your pricing structure, leaving you to work with viable candidates.

  1. Showcase your Staff

The most important part of any cleaning business is its staff roster. Who are your staff members, and what is their experience in the cleaning business like? What types of work can they handle and what is their current availability? Gathering such data is easy if you use janitorial software to manage your staff more efficiently.

You can use your About Us page to briefly introduce each of your staff members to potential clients alongside their bio and photo. Make sure not to overdo it though, since too much text can drive away a client who is short on time. Each of your staff members can also provide you with a quote about themselves or what they believe in, further humanizing your brand.

  1. Social Proof & Testimonials

A cleaning business is only as good as the quality of its work. You should take advantage of prior contracts and work history to attract future clients. Reach out to satisfied clients and ask for short reviews, quotes or even filmed testimonials which you can use for promotional purposes.

Writing tools such as BestEssayEducation and TopEssayWriting can help you edit and proofread such content before publishing it on your About Us page. Visitors who come across your social proof content will have plenty of reasons to trust the quality of your work – take advantage of that.

  1. Include Different Communication Channels

Lastly, you want to make sure that your potential clients can reach out to you as soon as possible. That is why you should include several contact channels in your About Us page.

Phone numbers are a great, personalized way to communicate with likely clients and build trust while doing so. However, you should also include your company’s email and social media handles for companies that prefer these communication channels. Give your clients options, and they are likely to respond favourably to your efforts.

“About Us” Page Writing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Don’t Forget Your Keywords

Keywords play a crucial part in your cleaning business’ visibility on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Make sure to use industry-specific words such as “cleaning service”, “janitorial service” and others throughout your About Us page. You can refer to tools such as SEM Rush to discover which keywords are best suited to your site.

  • Don’t Rely on Hyperbole

When writing your About Us page, you want to be as “real” as possible. If a business sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t use hyperbole such as “the best in the business” or “greatest business in the state” if you want to attract noteworthy clients. Be professional, humane and most of all, give your staff a voice through writing.

  • Don’t Use Poor Quality Photos/Videos

Never use low quality materials to showcase your services or staff members. Take time to organize a company photoshoot or to produce interview videos with different staff members internally. Poor quality multimedia will reflect poorly on your cleaning business’ appeal to clients – no media is better than low quality media in this case.

In Conclusion

Writing a good About Us page is all about striking a balance between yourself and your clients. Don’t be too self-centric as it can come off as hyperbolic and disingenuous. Instead, bridge the gap between your staff and the clients to discuss how you can both benefit from forming a contract. Spruce up your About Us page with new staff info, keywords and social proof as it becomes available. Before you know it, the right clients will knock on your door with new opportunities for your cleaning business.

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