You Need To Put More Energy Into Your Business Blog

With the age of YouTube and blogger reviewers, consumers are at a new level of thirst when it comes to information on how businesses work. Consumers in their millions want to know how their favorite brands come to the conclusions and decisions they make. Don’t see this as daunting or as a challenge to your integrity. The simple fact of the matter is, consumers, want to know if their personality gels with the brands they love. It’s no longer purely just about the best product on the market, but how your product makes them feel. Human beings are more expressive than ever. We want to be unique, be seen by our peers as individuals and we want to align our views and values, with the brands that match them. Your business blog is the perfect tool for you to connect with your customers on a deeper level.


Just another day

Don’t think of your business blog as a place to publish press releases. Whatever you think of it, you’re still just writing a blog post. Don’t treat it so seriously. In fact, treat it as a public diary. You’re noting your everyday challenges, triumphs, and tribulations. Many business blogs become stale because they run out of content ideas. Which is why for your blog, stick to the everyday workings and objectives of your business. Treat it as a place where you give updates to your customers, but also tell them more about your approach. If you were creating a new pair of jeans for your fashion line, write about the different material options you are considering. Write about the challenges of importing materials and what happened in the style meeting. 

Giving readers exclusives

Just like how some media outlets release exclusives to bring new readers onto their websites, you should release exclusives for your business blog. If you have a new product that is in the making, release a small video showing how it’s progressing. If you’re creating a new bottled drink, film a taste test or perhaps a snippet from a marketing meeting. Google will also rank your post higher in the search results if you place a video on the page. Write about subjects which consumers and the markets would love to know about. If you’re due to release an earnings report, take a photo of a piece of information and release it in your blog. It will get the media talking about you, but make regular readers seem as if they are getting exclusives just for following and reading your blog.

Link to yourself

It’s your blog, your rules. Read these tips for blogging for seo and implement the on-page tactics displayed. You can backlink to your own website, such as a product page when you mention something relevant in your post. It’s recommended that you don’t overdo it, as you are still writing for people and not just search engines. 


Business blogs are very popular with customers and general consumers alike. It gives brands the opportunity to share more about what goes on behind the scenes, which is an easy way to connect with them. 


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