Reinventing Yourself After a Job Loss

Written by: Noah Rue

Dealing with job loss is difficult at any time. However, during the coronavirus, it can be particularly challenging. Sure, there’s the comfort that you’re not alone and it isn’t your fault that you lost your job. However, the unique circumstances, the discomfiting pandemic news churning out every day, and the lack of social interactions can all dogpile until you feel overwhelmed. 

If you’re struggling with a lack of employment, here are a few considerations to help you pick yourself back up and reinvent yourself as you push forward into the unknown-yet-exciting future.

Start with a Self Assessment

If you truly want to improve yourself as you transition between jobs, you should start with a self-assessment. Grab a pen and paper, sit down, and honestly and objectively consider where you currently are in life. As you do so, make sure to:

  • Create a list of pros and cons — and maybe one more column for “good but want to improve.” Don’t just focus on the negatives, though.
  • Be honest with yourself. No one needs to be impressed here. 
  • Start with responsibilities. Do you have dependents? What about financial concerns, such as rent, a car payment, or bills? Make sure to account for the things that you can’t simply ignore or leave behind.
  • Separate the things that matter to you. Revisit a bucket list, dig up old passions, and try to consider what aspects of life ignite that spark of joy.
  • Look for what is already effective, such as a morning routine or how you manage your budget. Make sure to separate these from areas that need improvement.

By conducting a self-assessment, you put yourself in the best place to improve effectively and efficiently.

Ask Yourself the Tough Questions

Next up, ask yourself a few tough questions:

  • Do you really want to change? Are there areas of your life that are atrophying or in need of adjustment, or are you simply feeling discouraged at your lack of employment?
  • Do you need to make adjustments or pivot entirely? For example, do you need to make a minor shift within your professional field, such as learning about the latest information in your industry, or is it time to make a bigger change, like abandoning your 5-to-9 career and becoming an entrepreneur?
  • Are you feeling confident or insecure? Never make important decisions from a point of insecurity, or you’ll likely regret them before long.

Strategize Before Making a Leap

If and when you’ve identified areas of improvement, you can begin considering how you can effectively and positively reinvent yourself. As you do so, it’s important to strategize and be realistic. 

Keep things like financial and dependent obligations in mind. Don’t just be emotional and vague in your planning, either. Strive to work hard, get organized, make lists, and hone skills that will beef up your resume.

Make the Leap

Once you’ve figured out your current state, identified areas of positive change, and strategized how you can affect that change, it’s time to take a leap of faith and proactively reinvent yourself as you move forward.

One important area to consider is if you feel the need to justify or explain your decision to everyone around you. If you’re struggling with this, consider it a sign that you need to back up and address some deeper insecurities. These could be habitual self-doubts or bonafide concerns about your new decision. 

Either way, if you’re feeling insecure, take the time to address those qualms by running through the above recommendations once again. Once you truly feel internally confident and you don’t feel the need to explain yourself to others, you’ll know that you’re ready to leap into a new stage of your life.

Reinventing Yourself in Times of Trouble

Humans are creatures of habit. This is what gives tough times such a unique silver lining. The coronavirus may be challenging and destructive, but it also provides a rare opportunity to get out of your comfort zone, break away from damaging habits, and shake yourself out of an apathetic attitude. 

If you’ve lost your job, seize the opportunity with both hands, and use it as a chance to identify strengths and weaknesses. Then use that information to reinvent yourself into a more confident, focused, joy-filled, and purposeful individual as you move forward.

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