Becoming A Rewarding, Motivating And Understanding Boss

A true boss must be seen, must lead from the front and always push his or her employees to strive towards success. A great leader will motivate their employees to see the vision they see every morning they get up. If you want people to be as passionate as you are about your goals as a business, you have to be constantly in touch with them. Speaking with them face to face now and again isn’t enough. You have to also be involved in their everyday task completion, give them words of encouragement and advice. Your voice must go through managers also, they must let employees know how you’re reacting to their work. Your power must be felt at ground level, everyone in the office must be aware of your presence in their average working day.


Speak with the struggling

You would only hire professionals because you thought they were good enough. However, sometimes even the best professionals can begin to falter. We don’t know what’s going on in their lives that is causing their quality of work to go down. It could be anything so rather than show disappointment and frustration, tap them on the shoulder and ask them to come for a walk with you. As you speak to them reassure them that this conversation will be kept off the record. If something is bothering them they should speak their piece to you directly. Always listen intently, engage with eye contact and just have a normal talk with them without your boss hat on. Give them advice on how they can improve and try to help them with things you can such as office rivalries and if they’re being treated unfairly by management.

Reward with roles

When you think of promotions, they normally come at ‘the right time’. Far too many leaders wait for the dust to settle before giving employees a promotion. This may be when a project has been completed and things have calmed down. It could also be when necessary cuts have been made and you need to fill a role. But, you can and should promote employees during a project too. By using identity governance and administration, you can give access to tasks and projects based on their role. This way it’s easy for them to transition from a lesser role to a commanding position. Everything they need is right at their disposal, they don’t need to be let in by another management role. 

Enjoy your meetings

Most businesses have weekly meetings with C-suite ranks and fortnightly meetings with the general staff. Become a leader that enjoys meetings with your workers as much as your higher management. Show your face, let them hear you speak and this will let them know you won’t lock yourself away in your office. Let them know you’re right there leading from the front to boost morale.

It’s not easy being a leader in business, but it’s rewarding when you can change someone’s life. Help those that are struggling by having a one-on-one talk with them.

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