Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

We know that a business owner with a vision will want to do everything they can to ensure that vision is fulfilled. But when your business is still growing, trying to get too involved in every detail will only work for so long. The cracks will show, and they’ll do more than just stress you out.

A day full of nothing but busywork

The first thing you have to consider is how you actually spend your own day. If you don’t take measures to prioritize and automate a lot of your tasks, then you could be wasting your own time to a tremendous degree. Not only will manually doing the accounts and your email take up too much time, but it’s an easy way to lose focus and drive when you need it. Automate more of your processes so you can focus on the most important.

Angry customers

If you try to take on everything yourself, you will eventually get to the point you’re unable to fulfill promises to your customers. Those promises might be things like offering comprehensive and quick support or even getting products to them on time. When it comes to keeping the customers happy, ensure it is given the utmost attention. If you can’t handle distribution and delivery yourself, then look at options like outsourcing to product fulfillment services. Wasting a degree of your own time might seem acceptable to you, but wasting your customer’s patience and good will is never acceptable.

An amateur impression

If you’re pushing your marketing needs in there with the rest of your working day, it’s safe to assume that you’re not able to give that the proper focus, too. Proper marketing takes time. It’s not as simple as shouting out the best aspects of your product. It’s about building a brand and building a connection that displays not only the immediate but the abstract value of the business. The same goes for your website design. If you rush them, then they will make the whole business look like an amateur operation. Make sure they’re given to those who not only have the time to take full responsibility for them. They also have the class of talent to give your business the representation it should have.

Skyrocketing costs

Give your company too much to take on and you will start to feel your needs for staff growing. But if you are overzealous in employing more people, you will find the costs of employment might easily become unmanageable. If they’re doing work that could be easily handled out of house or by automating those processes, then you will be getting an even worse rate of return on investment.

Sometimes, you want full control over certain aspects of your business, we understand that. But if you don’t have the capabilities to get to that point just yet, you have to give yourself some breathing room. As businesses grow, they tend to start fully incorporating the aspects of themselves they once outsourced. Trying that too early, however, could spell the end for the whole company.


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