The Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making


If you’re a business owner, you will know that marketing has to be one of your main priorities. Chances are, you will also know that social media marketing is something you need to concentrate on. 

According to statistics, 53.6% of the world’s population uses social media, so that’s around 3.5 billion people. Your biggest mistake then would be to dismiss social media as a marketing strategy

But assuming you are using social media marketing, let’s consider some of the mistakes you might be making.

#1: Taking on the task alone

If you don’t have a marketing team at your disposal, you might be managing this aspect of your business alone. But assuming you have loads of other tasks to complete each day, you probably won’t have the time to give it your full attention. A new Facebook post from you might be a rarity if you’re busy, and the social ads you place might be rushed and given little thought in relation to content.

Our advice? Outsource, especially if you know you need help. Read reviews to ensure you are getting the best marketing team and then let them know your needs. These My Business Venture reviews are worth checking if you’re considering that particular company, for example. With the right people at your side, your marketing will improve and you will have more time for the other aspects of your business. 

#2: Targeting the wrong social media sites

You might think it common sense to target every social media site, as the more people that hear about your business, the better. However, you need to consider your demographic. If you market on sites that they are unlikely to be using, you are wasting both time and money. It would be pointless using Snapchat if you’re catering to older adults, for example, as the biggest demographic for that platform is 13-34-year-olds. And if you are catering to non-business customers, using LinkedIn is probably a waste of your time too. 

Our advice? Take a look at these social media demographics for an overview of the sites you should be using. You should then see a greater ROI on your marketing spend. 

#3: Forgetting to be social

As its name suggests, social media is supposed to be social. Your engagement with your customers doesn’t begin and end with the ad or post you publish online. You will increase the level of customer engagement with your business if you interact with the people on your network, so don’t ignore the comments they leave, be they positive or negative. 

Our advice? Schedule time each day to respond to comments people have written on social media. Thank them for their feedback, answer any queries, and make amends if there are any criticisms. You will increase trust in your business if you do and potentially get more return customers. 

#4: Not checking for errors

Before you send out a Facebook ad, tweet, YouTube video, or whatever, double-check for any errors. If there are mistakes within your text, photos, and videos, you will hurt your brand. People might associate such mistakes with your products or service, assuming that your business lacks the quality edge over your competitors. 

Our advice? Well, it’s obvious. Check for errors. Proofread everything, use a fact-checker, and ask other people to cast their eye over what you have produced before it goes live.

Social media marketing is something every business should focus on. However, when mistakes are made, businesses can suffer rather than prosper. So, consider our suggestions and take all the steps necessary to reduce the risk of mistakes being made. 

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