Uno is finally getting a colorblind-friendly edition


After 46 years of being a notoriously hard game for those who are colorblind, Mattel is launching a new Uno deck designed to be more inclusive. The new Uno ColorADD deck costs $5.99 and contains extra graphic symbols that represent the primary colors, so that it’s easier to tell between red, yellow, green, and blue cards. The deck is named after ColorADD, a global organization founded in Portugal to aid those who are colorblind, and the symbols are part of a code ColorADD created to help identify colors.

An estimated 350 million people in the world, including 13 million in the US, are affected by some form of colorblindness. Red and green, which Uno features prominently, are often the most problematic colors.

Although Mattel, which owns Uno, claims that its new deck is the first card game made for the colorblind, there are other colorblind-friendly card games out there. (And no, I’m not counting Cards Against Humanity, which is text-based.) Color-based card game Chroma Cards includes large symbols on every card, and players can design their own versions of the game. There is also a colorblind version of the card game Rook


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