Working From Home: It’s The Little Things

Working from home has become the norm. To many of us, it’s always been attractive. You get to wake up early, enjoy breakfast and rather than get into a stuffy car and sit in traffic, you sit down in your own home office and get to work. However, it’s been challenging for those of us that have not prepared for such an event. We have had to clear out a room that we normally use for everyday living, to change it into a home office. Many of us had to get used to being by ourselves and not hearing the chatter in the office. Some of us have even missed the annoying typing sound of 100 keyboards in the background. But it’s the little things that have made it all better.

Better internet

Many companies that provide internet service, have been given the green light by governments to increase their capacity. They have thus been able to broaden their bandwidth during the daytime and also, manage peak times just the same. If your internet provider has not risen to the challenge, here is How to switch broadband provider. If you are currently in a contract, there are some ways to jimmy open the door and get out of it. You just need to set yourself a new budget, and know what type of internet you want. Fiber optic is the norm these days, but that doesn’t mean you need to have it super high speed. You can have it a medium speed, such as 50 mb/s and pay less, while enjoying the extra stability.

Being neighborly

Because we have been working from home, our normal socialization patterns have been thronged into a mystery. When will we see our colleagues again? When do we get to meet our boss again? How do you talk to HR about your salary or training needs? It’s all gone a bit topsy-turvy and a bit of a rollercoaster. And yet, we have found a  way to get our social integrative needs to be met. We have become more neighborly. When we see our neighbors now, we actually wave, say hello first, try to make small talk. We go out of our way to have a little human connection in the real world instead of only on Zoom. That is surely a positive thing!

Adapting to Zoom

Speaking of Zoom, we have quickly become used to this new amazing software. Unlike previous generation conference call software, this one can actually hold up to 100 people in the same meeting. This is unheard of anywhere else. It manages individual bandwidths to allow people to talk to each other, while being in a large meeting. This has done wonders for business but also, family gatherings. When it’s someone’s birthday in your family and you want a get-together, you can have it with the older and younger generations. We’ve all adapted very quickly to this new norm.

Working from home has become our new world. It’s challenging in some ways but has made us better people in other ways. How have you changed?

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