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Jay Z’s New Documentary Will Focus on Police Brutality

By : Charlotte Freitag | Source:

On Thursday, Jay Z and The Weinstein Company  held a press conference to announce their upcoming television documentary series set to air in January on Spike TV. The series is about Kalief Browder, a 16-year-old who was imprisoned for three years at Rikers Island without conviction or a set date for trial.

Two years after his 2013 release, Browder took his own life. The six-part documentary series will chronicle Browder’s time at Riker’s Island and experience in solitary confinement while also examining America’s broken criminal justice system.

During the press conference, Jay Z responded to questions about criminal justice reform and police brutality in addition to inquiries about the new series.

According to Fadera CNN reporter asked for Jay’s opinion on how to “[stop] police brutality against African-American men.” Jay Z responded by calling for “trust on both sides” and compassion. He also shared his view on body cameras, stating that “having the camera on someone creates more distrust.”


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