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Dallas, TX


This past weekend North Texas was home to celebrities, basketball players, prominent alumni and college students all packed into one place for the NCAA Final Four. But there was one thing that stood out to me while I sat in the AT&T Stadium, not the ridiculous amount of food choices, or the 72 foot jumbo screen but it was the numerous amounts of “selfies” that were taken.

Of course you expect the 78 thousand people to be on their cellphone updating their every moment in Jerry’s World. But the people were not just taking photos of their food or moments with friends ,but they used the front camera more than ever to take a “famous selfie”.  Everyone was doing it no matter where you were around this event, you could see someone holding their smartphone in the air in angle taking a picture of themselves. I even saw grandmothers  doing with their grandchildren. Short for taking a picture of yourself, you could see people sitting in their $500 seats taking a selfie, barely paying attention to the game. They were more concerned with letting people on their social networks that they were enjoying themselves in Jerry’s World. So for 2014 I will say the word of the year  is selfie. .

I knew this day would come after the rotating camera was introduced in 2003. Who would have thought that it would have come this far. These cameras phones were just the beginning and no one knew they would start the self confident building society we have today.


It has come to a point where even half- time sporting events involve taking a selfie. What does this say about our society? Lately all events that have been broadcasted on television in 2013-2014 have involved taking a selfie somehow (Grammy’s, B.E.T Awards, Oscars, Final Four, All Star Game).

What is next for our selfie society?

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