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Snapchat Replaces Yahoo and Warner Music With BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio

 [Dallas, TX- July 27th]

After Snapchats latest update, they not only changed the interaction page but they also removed two channels from its discover section . The new trending app Snapchat now has added BuzzFeed and iHeartRadio.

Snapchat lets partners sell ads against their Discover channels while asking for 30 percent of the revenues—unless Snapchat sells the promos, in which case it would take half

SnapChat History: Snapchat was started as a project for a class at Stanford University. It began under the  “Picaboo,” and was later switched to Snapchat.  It was presented as a solution to stresses caused by the longevity of personal information on social media, evidenced by “emergency detagging of Facebook photos before job interviews and photoshopping blemishes out of candid shots before they hit the internet.

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