[Eargasms] Sam Lao’s Going Far & SPCTRM Proves It!

Dallas’ Sam Lao opens her album, SPCTRM, with a fierce preface for the 10-track project. The self-proclaimed outlier ensures that listeners are prepared for the unique musical journey they are about to embark on with “Reminder (Bitch I’m Me)”. Her first project, West Pantegowas released 2 years ago and her evolution as an artist is apparent.

The combination of sounds included on SPCTRM (so appropriately named) showcase the rapper’s artistic versatility. Lao bounces from bass heavy bangers with witty bars to emotionally transparent tracks without seeming out of place in either lane. The singer/rapper serenades a track with her soothing vocals and spits a fire 16 all in the same song.

Regardless of the style of the song, certain aspects remain constant: Sam Lao’s impressive lyrics and content. As a female in a male dominant field, Lao holds her own very well with an ability to switch the speed of her morally conscious flows. While living in a society where main stream media would rather focus on women who purely sell sex, female rappers like Sam Lao are a breath of fresh air. Although her stunning looks don’t hurt, the fact that the “super sexy” gimmick is absent from her persona only magnifies her sex appeal.  In most cases, females rappers portray an overtly sexual image in an attempt to seem “empowered”. The femcee manages to express her power and confidence without explicit lyrics divulging her sexual escapades. SPCTRM‘s “Pineapple” definitely falls in the category of epic chick anthems.

SPCTRM includes only two features from fellow Texas natives Bobby Sessions and 88 Killa. Productions from PICNICTYME , Donny Domino, Stephen Carmona and Blue, The Misfit provide the euphonic canvas for Lao’s sophomore project.

Artist typically have that one project that basically captures the fans that will become that core audience the artist needs to take things to the top. SPCTRM and it’s genre surfing sound could certainly be that for Sam Lao. If you missed out and didn’t catch her album release show, see Sam Lao at The Granada Theatre (Dallas, TX) on March 31, 2016. Get tickets here.


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