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So its out and it has been for the last year and half in the latest music that it out in Dallas and Atlanta. But two weeks ago the story came out about the two #JuugBrothers . Who happened to actually be close friends of mine from the Dallas scene. Not only did we practically live together for a while but we sat at the table to eat together rather it be with music, money and real food. I found it necessary to have this story on here.

Juug – This is your way of feeding your family, making your ends meet and whatever you have to do to survive.

Now the two guys behind Juugin are HitManAB and Run It UP Wreck both under the DMV Music Group &Co label out of Dallas Texas. Take a listen to an interview they did two weeks ago with SayCheese TV .

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AZX9kKQNSc]

And to add to the take over, They just released a new song called “Hit My Number” that is produced by TwooHidinBeats that will be out on their next joint album -#JuugBrothers. Unlike what is usually played in the club with a BPM of over 100 this music is slowed down and has been orchestrated for music lovers. Be on the look out for Hitman AB and Run IT Up Wreck for #JuugBrothers.

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