Kendrick Lamar Releases Visual to “For Free” #ToPimpAButterFly

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZTYgq4EoRo]

Kendrick Lamar does it again. I mean really the visual style to his music can be compared to Ludacris (Diamond in the Back) and Missy Elliot (The Rain) in 2010. With real visual  story telling to the lyrics and dope camera movements . For the past several years we have gone back to videos with just guys in front of their neighborhood with the homies. But luckily artist like Kendrick Lamar, Drake , ASAP Rocky, JCole and Childish Gambino have taken the time to produce great visuals to their music.

Kendrick is still killing the game even though Drake and Meek Mill are in this so called rap beef that is getting way too much credit.

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