London Hip Hop Artist Haze Releases New Video ” You Don’t Know Me”

New MUSIC ALERT!! High Alert!!

We received word on UK Hip Hop Artist Haze two weeks ago and we have been carefully watching the moves of this artist and his sound. He recently just released a new video called ” You Don’t Know Me” .

As a seasoned Hip-Hop artist, Haze has proved to be a conscious and creative emcee that provokes emotion and thought through his music. His latest project takes it to a different dimension and not only elevates his artistry but also commands respect as he prepares to release his first short film alongside an album of the same name, ‘Thinking Out Loud’.

The first introduction to the project comes in the form of ‘You Don’t Know Me’. The track produced by Edixion Beats gives listeners an indication the themes that permeate the album, with that uncompromising depth that Haze fans will be already accustomed to.

 Based in London on a true story, the project represents the conflict of an artist torn between two worlds. The streets and his passion; aspiring to be a successful artist but having to do whatever it takes to support his dream & his family, which ultimately leads him to making the ultimatum decision. 

Making its screen debut on the 11th May, GRM Daily will preview the short film for the first time before it is officially released on 16th May at the Vue Cinema – https://t.co/xIAn0TAAS4

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