Musicians: Here’s How to Get More Exposure

If you’re a musician and you want more people to be able to hear your stuff, or you want to be able to make a living from your craft, you need exposure. But unless you’re the Foo Fighters or Billie Eilish, that can be pretty tough.

Don’t be too disheartened though, because there are several things you can do to get more exposure and hopefully launch yourself as an artist…

Put your music up on as many platforms as possible

If you want exposure, then you need to get your music on Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, TikTok, and pretty much anywhere else that people will see it, listen to it, and potentially appreciate it. It really is that simple. You may not particularly like a certain platform or worry about the negative comments you may receive, but if you don’t go all out and put yourself out there as much as possible, you are never going to get the exposure you seek. Be brave and upload your stuff everywhere that it is suitable to do so.

Keep making new music

Oh, and there’s little point in dropping one track all over the internet if that’s the only track you ever upload. Even if people do love it, they’ll soon get bored and forget about you if you aren’t posting a constant stream of new music that they can check out. Obviously, you shouldn’t make lots of bad music in a rush at the expense of taking your time to create a great track, but you can’t be leaving too much time between releases if you want to build exposure.

Attend gigs and events

From local music festivals to battle of the band nights at bars across the country, the more places you can play, the more faces who will see you and the better known you will become. Hopefully, this will translate into more fans, more sales, and more exposure for you.


Collaborating with other artists who have a following that could potentially be into the kind of music you make is a great way of getting more exposure. The hardest part is reaching out to those musicians and asking them if they would like to collaborate, but if you’re good and you come up with a great idea, it may not be quite as tricky as you think.

Get on the radio

Many local, and sometimes national, will accept submissions from aspiring musicians and play them a few times throughout the day/week/month. Since so many people still listen to the radio while driving or at work, this is often one of the best ways to get exposure for your music, even if it does seem a little old school so don’t rule it out.

Get on a popular playlist

Platforms like Spotify allow you to suggest songs to be added to some of their big, popular curated playlists. Although there are no guarantees you will be included, it’s worth submitting your tracks for consideration because if they do make it on, you’ll get a HUGE Amount of exposure.

Good luck!

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