The Ear: Who’s next? We Head to St. Louis for this Upcoming Artist

The Ear: Who’s next?

Contributor : Bee.Michelle

Nearly a month into 2016, the question on any music lover’s mind has to be “Who’s next?”.

One word; Smino. The St. Louis native ended 2015 with his first project titled blkjuptr (Black Jupiter) along with a decent amount of press from notable sites. If you’ve become numb to the redundant sounds of “what’s hot” and find yourself seeking an artist with a sound that feels so genuinely unique, then Smino is your guy.

His latest EP, which includes 5 tracks, captures the diversity of the talented artist’s exceedingly versatile flow. His soulful voice serenades the introduction and like the flip of a coin, he flexes his ability to manipulate his vocals and the speed of his flow on the next track. Coming from a family of musicians and singers, it’s no surprise that Smino’s music embodies a sound that only a true lover of music could produce. From the melodic riffs to the groovy guitar solos, Smino knows exactly how to accent his southern vocals.

His relationship with producer Monte Booker is an obvious match made in hit heaven.  Their musical chemistry is magical and seems like the beginnings of one of those artist/producer alliances that create timeless music. The Chicago beat maker, who is also a Soulection affiliate, may play a major role in the rise of the 24-year-old rapper. If you’re unfamiliar with the Soulection collective, they are partially responsible for shinning a very large light on artist like Goldlink, Bryson Tiller and a slew of producers. After being featured on “Kolors” , a track from Monte Booker’s Soulection White Label release, it looks as though the rapper’s buzz is steadily climbing.  His relocation to Chicago, which is currently a musical hub, could also be pivotal to his future success. Keep your eyes open for Smino. It wouldn’t be surprising if his face showed up on a XXL Freshman cover.

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