UK Artist Adian Coker Releases New Visual to “Krispy “

Adian Coker releases the first and truly great visual from his recently released ‘Connect’ EP. ‘Krispy’ shot in his hometown of Woolwich, London is given a vintage feel and is the most hard-hitting track off of the EP. The Young Lord has really come into his own with this one, and Adian shows off his eloquent raps and intelligent wordplay, proving he really is in a lane of his own.

Deeply regarded as a master of combining top class, edgy visuals with ingenius and ambitious lyrics, Adian Coker has continued to mystify with the release of his ‘Connect’ E.P. Having previously released the audio of three of the six records from the E.P over the last month, until today, the music has done all of the talking.


Krispy is the beast of the E.P. The pace is fast and the weight is heavy with a bounding heavy-footed bass that gallops throughout provoking a guaranteed screwface and a head-bop. Adian Coker comes in to his own on this joint. There’s a striking air of indifference to what others perceive as he goes it alone in his own lane – a trait that Adian Coker has emobied and conquered throughout all of his music. There’s no wonder as to why it’s this track that has been blessed with a visual.


The E.P, as a whole, is different; different in terms of music and different in terms of delivery. ‘Connect’ is a much more personal and insightful offering to the mysterious side of Adian that has previously been portrayed, however not all is laid bear and the twists and turns continue to allude to a curious soul.


Following his recent performance alongside Allan Kingdom for ‘DJ Semtex presents’, Adian Coker released the deeply emotive ‘Iyamide’s Son’, which presented an explorative delivery that affirmed him as a risk taker. Earlier tasters of the E.P came via ‘Aim’ featuring Bluey Robinson, premiered via Clash, and added a smooth and soulful element to the project whereas ‘Nothing New’ provided a darker, eerie, vibe-laden monster lurking within the tracklist. Glimpses of emotion and playful character have shone through on the collection, showing an adventurous, identifiable and charming side to Adian Coker. Although different, quality has remained key and has not been compromised. The records ooze with eloquence and as expected, the E.P is something of a masterpiece in itself but this time it’s touchable, it’s exciting and it’s within reach.

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