[Watch] B.Anderson Releases Hi-Hopes Ep. 2 of M.A.D.E Series

We are back to feature Episode 2 of the M.A.D.E series from B.Anderson. There is one thing we have to highlight to the people who may simply look over the creativity in this series.

The M.A.D.E series is more of a  content series concept, meaning watch more like a video show than an actual video. Be sure to not skip over the theme song that plays at the beginning of each video and also pay attention to how the theme song ends and leads into the new video. 

B.Anderson’s new track “Hi-Hopes” is the second episode of the M.A.D.E. Series. It is produced by Super Miles and also features Coach Tev and Imag to bring to life a narrative of a downward spiral, but finding a way to fight through it. This visual is also directed by Moreese Films.

Also, check out Red Cups & Rhymes Ep 2.5. where he breaks down the video Hi-Hopes  >>>

Check it out and comment your thoughts #Eargasms

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