[ Watch ]Extended Trailer for Beyoncé’s HBO Special Lemonade

If you find yourself thirsty for more Lemonade after watching the brief teaser Beyoncé released on Saturday afternoon, you’re in luck: she made an extended trailer for her mysterious HBO special available last night. (It aired on HBO just before Vinyl‘s season finale, meaning there was at least one reason to watch Vinyl‘s season finale.) It’s clear that Lemonade is both cinematic and hyper-ambitious, even if its link to Beyoncé’s expected new album isn’t as definite.

The minute-long clip is full of compelling imagery: stormy skies, blood-red corridors, buildings going up in flame. It feels more like a horror movie than a music video, and that’s pretty exciting. It also has the same visual style as “Formation,” the song and video Beyoncé released just a day before performing at the Super Bowl halftime show. With her world tour of the same name on the horizon, it’s reasonable to assume Lemonade is going to serve as the bridge between “Formation” and Beyoncé’s next big release. We’ll find out what that means in less than a week.

Lemonade is premiering this Saturday, April 23rd at 9:00PM ET on HBO, and it’s airing again on April 24th at 8:00PM ET,

Source : TheVerge.com

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