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4 Key Things to A Successful Pool Party

Independence Day has past and that means that pools and water parks are in full swing for Summer 2017!

Summer to most means family vacations, watermelon flavored drinks, trips to the beach, and ice cream by the gallons. If you are in Houston, then summer really means staying inside enjoying the AC on blast and complaining how your skin got burnt on your leather seats in your car. But for some reason if you do brave to conquer the egg on concrete frying weather in Houston you might find yourself at a pool soaking up the sun and sipping on some fruity flavored cocktail with some of your friends. But ask yourself this, “Is my pool party Pool Party Goals?”

Have no fear because LoT is here to provide you with all the Pool Party Goals that you might need to make sure your pool party is turnt and doesn’t drown.


The location for your pool party sets the vibe for the whole turn up. Apartment pools are a hit or miss so make sure you pick a location that isn’t strict on rules! If your apartment said only two guests per tenant then don’t risk it! The last thing you need is a security officer coming over and shutting down the party right before the fine ass girl that Justin brought is about to start showing everybody her hidden talent of making her ass clap in the water. With that being said, make sure you pick a pool that doesn’t have many kids. Especially if you plan on having alcoholic beverages flowing. LoTadvice is to rent out the club house too so you and your guest can turn the pool party into a house party.



There’s nothing like a pool party with lame ass people who don’t get in the pool. IT’S A DAMN POOL PARTY! Get your ass in the pool or don’t come! Also, keep the amount of people to a minimum. There’s no need to have more than 20 people at the party. Seriously! Your modern apartments can’t hold people like Rehab in Vegas. The very important grade school concept that should always come into play for a guest list is the girl to boy ratio. Can’t have a sausage party but you also don’t want a school of fish swimming in the pool neither. (Most people won’t get that joke). You know who’s good for the party so make your list and don’t feel bad about not inviting Negative Nancy.


  • BYOB

You have to set yourself up for success. You can’t try to do everything yourself. Send out that invite text and make sure you let everybody know that you will have one bottle of tequila and a few bites, but they should B.Y.O.B. When I say BYOB that can mean anything nowadays. Bring your own beer, bring your own bud, bring your own bottle. or bring your own bbq sauce. Trust me, your guest will understand. Then watch everybody start texting back that they are bringing all the goodies. Most likely, you will end up with more alcohol and food than you need.

  • The Details

One way to make sure you have a dope ass pool party is to not overlook the details. Make sure that when guests arrive they feel like this is an event and not just a kickback. Go to the store and pick up those cheap plastic water guns. Maybe even go purchase some inflatable pool toys to throw in the pool, even if you are going to return them the next day. Also, this is a party so music is a must. So don’t kill the vibe with a baby ass speaker. Make sure the speaker is loud enough that your friends can swag surf in the pool but not loud enough that the bass makes ripples in the pool.


It’s that simple people! Get you a dope location where your pool party won’t get shut down, invite the right people who will turn the party upside down, make sure your guest add to the party with other food and alcohol, and cover all the details and your summer pool will be WILD!

Watch this video of my EPIC POOL PARTY to see how this formula works!

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