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Event Recap : Arts, Beats and Lyrics Sponsored by Jack Daniels

By : Alexandria Traylor

If you were in Dallas, Texas on Friday, January 13th, but weren’t at Gilly’s Dallas, you definitely missed out on a good time. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey sponsored a one of a kind art and music exhibition entitled Arts, Beats and Lyrics. This traveling art show successfully brought together people of all (legal) age ranges under the premise of experiencing new sounds and unique art. With over 3100 people to RSVP in its 11th year of existence, the event organizers were able to pull of an event that was a great alternative to club going and bar hopping on the weekend. If exhibition goers were able to withstand long lines, a seemingly confusing check in, and cool winter weather, they were in for a sure fire treat.



The Jack Daniel’s crew catered to a culturally predominant African American and hip hop audience from various walks of life. Late 1990’s through 2000’s bounce and hip hop hits spewed through speakers while guests were able to browse and contemplate masterfully crafted visual attractions. The unique curation of art all seamlessly blended together. The ambiance was sure to bring out any person’s undeniable inner rachetness. The sounds were streamed through the speakers in a way that a person could enjoy the music, yet not have to raise their voice to hold a conversation.


There was more than enough space for the concert and the art displays without event goers feeling crowded or packed into a tight space. Artists were present giving live demonstrations of creative artwork on mixed media and unconventional canvases. Giveaway prizes were also abundance at the Jack Daniel’s main bar. Event goers were able to snap a few coveted photos with a sponsored photo booth boasting a Tennessee Honey themed throne. The only thing missing was a custom Snapchat filter that could be used to promote the event even further. Guests were given cards that they could redeem for two free cocktails infused with Jack Daniels brand liquor at any of three bars. This ensured that good vibes would be spread all around. After those were used, Jack Daniels specialties were as low as a mere $4.


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Established artists were able to display their souls in the form of their art work. Visual representations of political figures, iconic names in the hip hop culture, and abstract concepts were all on display with the hope of evoking emotion and inspiration. Art montages featured icons such as Bun B and Michelle Obama. The artists showcases were scattered tastefully throughout the main floor of the Southside Ball room. Although the ambiance of the ball room was dim, the art pieces themselves each featured their own element of lighting that strategically enhanced the individual works. If an image or painting happened to speak to your soul, event goers were hopefully able to find the artist to purchase the work on site.


There was a clear distinction for when the performances would begin so that the gentry could focus their attention on the center stage. Guests were able to enjoy R&B, neo soul, and rap sounds from new, up and coming artists as well as hip hop legends, 8-Ball and MJG. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey Arts, Beats, and Lyrics was a well-orchestrated blend of artistic expression from various outlets that was a perfect social hub for all those who enjoy indulging in African American hip hop culture.

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