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Founder of Baes And Bombshells Host Community Service Project

By : Alexandria Traylor | baesnbombshells.com

As my twenty-fourth year of life approached, I knew that I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do something unique and unheard of to celebrate. My goal was to outwardly show the inward growth that had taken place over the last year of my life. My twenty-third year of life was hands down, undisputed, one of the best years of my life. I was able to experience exponential growth mentally and spiritually. I was able to reach a point of pure, untarnished joy that I had never previously experienced in my life. I was able to learn exactly what it means to be content with the blessings that I have. I no longer looked at life as “these are the cards that I am dealt, so I have no choice but to make the best of them”. Every day I challenged myself to extend the grace and mercy that God gave me to those around me including strangers. I incorporated everything from being comfortable with smiling at complete strangers to shelling out funds for the groceries or meals of the person in line in front or behind me.

The term #TwentyFavored was a cunning play on words for my twenty-forth birthday. Favor is exactly what I was shown in my twenty-fourth year of life and favor to others is exactly what I aimed to give to other people. Giving favor simply means to perform a random act of kindness beyond what is deemed necessary. In life, we, all too often, make it a habit of taking things for granted. We discount the basic needs that we are given, such as clothing, food, and shelter. As imperfect humans, we can even be so bold as to assume that we are entitled to these provisions. I wanted to gather a group of friends to serve dinner to those in need at the Dallas LIFE Homeless Shelter.

I heard about the Dallas LIFE from a good friend that previously did volunteer service there. I researched the origin of the shelter online and immediately knew that this was the perfect place for us to “give favor”. The shelter was founded by Reverend Robert J Key in 1954, who was also one of the founders of Union Gospel Mission, another outreach heaven for those in need. Now, Dallas LIFE can brag to be the largest shelter in North Texas with its doors open 24/7. The shelter provides housing, meals, clothing, a sustainable work environment and ministry to those who need support and a helping hand.

12 friends and myself were able to serve over 50 individuals and families on the afternoon of January 19th. We were able to talk, fellowship, and provide uplifting laughs to people that were able to give to us more than what we ever imagined. It was amazingly humbling to think that you never know the story of a complete stranger. We don’t need to know the choices that a person made to get them where they are. We need to consider how to make every day going forward more enriched than the last. Look outside of yourself to bring another person happiness. Give love to those who may not love themselves. Give a smile to someone who doesn’t want to smile. Serve those who cannot serve themselves. Giving of myself on my own special day was not only humbling, but fulfilling. The Baes and Bombshells family will definitely be going back! Will you join me!?

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