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NYC Hennypalooza at Webster Hall Point of View Event Review

NYC Contributor : Maxwell Christian

My face dropped as I walked into Webster Hall last weekend for the infamous Hennypalooza.

My anticipation waiting in line to gain entrance was so surreal as if an artist or major celebrity was in town. The advertising and promotion surrounding the event was tasteful—not too hype, but still having that exclusive “cool kids only” vibe. That “cool kid” feel resonated with the hundreds of people who stood in line anxious to get into the venue; we all felt that it was a privilege to have even gotten a ticket. That night was a celebration of music in its various forms and genres combined with dancing and of course, Hennessey!

As you walked in, you could feel the cool vibes and energy bouncing off of the walls. I started on the first floor, where I was blessed with Hennessey. Despite the flow of drinks, blaring music, and belligerent party guests, I couldn’t help but feel calm as if I was right in my element. By the end of the night everyone was in a Hennessey-induced daze, some more than others. Out of curiosity, I ventured up to the last two floors of Webster Hall. I vowed to myself that I’d have the full Hennypalooza experience, and I was ready for the challenge. I knew that I’d never regret it!

Upon making my way up the stairs and to the second floor, I realized that it was connected to a balcony. Surprisingly, I was given a much larger and even better view of the entire event.

#HennyPalooza Swag Surfin from my POV

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As more Hennessey flowed through my system, I found myself in the crowd doing the latest hip hop dance moves – from swag surfing and milli rocking to belting out timeless Hip Hop anthems like Future’s March Madness as if my life depended on it! Careful not to miss a beat or a step, I proceeded to the balcony. The DJ’s continued to spin dope jams that echoed through the entire venue as if we were in a Hip Hop paradise. Once I reached the balcony, the view of the stage and the vastness of the crowd took my breath away.


It was truly a sight to see! It was during that moment that I came to understand and appreciate the concept of Hennypalooza as not just a party with free flowing Hennessey, but a night where people can set aside their fears, inhibitions, and differences to enjoy one another’s company while listening to awesome music. That night it just wasn’t only about the Hennessey, it was about the positivity, the amazing atmosphere, the beautiful people, and the various genres of music that definitely made the night one to remember. Hennypalooza was truly an event for the culture.


Maxwell Christian

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