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Visualizing a New You in the New Year Event Recap

By : Deonna McGary 

To embrace the New Year, CEO Talks teamed up with a group of phenomenal women to bring together a #VisionBoard Party for individuals seeking to better themselves and map out their goals for the New Year!

On the Panel:

Princess Pope – CEO Talks Founder & Business Owner

Deonna McGary – Business Owner & Marketing Consultant 

Cashmere Pope – Author & Life Coach 

Brooke Stanley – Non Profit Founder & Business Consultant

These dynamic women presented topics of the importance of visualizing your goals, the Laws of Attraction, what encompasses a vision board (a New You), where to position yourself and your board to execute your goals and the impact of funding your dreams in 2018. 

The Grey Goose sponsored event brought out a great group of men and women seeking knowledge, growth and partnerships with like-minded professionals all aspiring to accomplish their goals and hold each other accountable. Each person was presented with their own boards, supplies and magazines to cut out and shape their vision board to reflect the life they wanted to go after for the year and years to come. 

There were ample amount of takeaways from the event but what we took away most was to first put yourself at the center of not only your vision board but your life. By doing so, you can begin to focus on and surround yourself (your vision board) with things that will project you and your life forward which will help to encourage you to move forward in your journey of becoming and Visualizing a New You!

Whether you are seeking to impact a community, travel the world, find love, enlarge your territory or simply build a solid mental foundation; whatever your aspirations are in life: Write Them Down, Draw Them Out, Cut and Paste Them on a platform where you can see them each and everyday and execute with all your heart. Your vision board is exactly that, yours! To bring forth a new you, you have to take ownership to the things you want in life starting with yourself. 

The event allowed for those in attendance to recognize their goals, network and socialize with others and pray over their lives and for what God has in store for them. After sharing each vision board with everyone, the event closed out with a prayer circle where each person had the opportunity to share a short prayer to bless not only their mission in life but to touch the person standing to their left and their right. 

The importance of this vision board party was to begin the mission (those on the panel) of SERVICE! Each panel member strongly believed that on the other side of success is service and understand that we are all called to do great things and great work to ultimately impact the lives of others. Visualizing a New You was the first of many opportunities to impact one heart and one soul at a time. 


For more information on upcoming events, please contact me at DeonnaMBA@gmail.com or stop by Guns and Roses Boutique for more Inside The Roses! 

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