Fashion Trends To Get On Board With In 2021

When the weather gets cold our main concern on the fashion front is staying warm rather than looking fabulous. And who can blame us? Whilst our attire of choice on a daily basis may be a jumper (or two), this means that our accessories really come to the fore, whether it’s a pair of cool mens bracelets, necklace, or a ring or two. We have a lot of accessories to look forward to. So, here are some accessory trends for 2021:


Cuff bracelets are the height of fashion at present. If you take a look in the shops you will see that there is a wealth of unique designs to choose from. The double cuff (one on each hand) is something a lot of people are embracing and can really ensure that your bracelets become the focal point of your outfit – which is something that is typically hard to achieve. A plain black or white jumper / jumper dress can instantly turn into a show-stopping piece with silver or gold cuffs providing the finishing touch. 

Gothic Romance 

This is a stunning trend for the winter months. So, how do you rock this trend? Believe it or not, but it is actually a lot easier than it sounds. If you take a look in the shops you will see that there is a wealth of black jewelry boasting intricate detail. In addition to this, lace collars can really work fantastically in a gothic romance style. Don’t hold back for this trend, really go for it. Dramatic eyes and red lipstick can provide the perfect finishing touch. Or, if you are feeling particularly daring why not go for violet lips?

Vintage watches

Over the last few years we have really seen sporty watches come to the fore, but 2021 marks a change. It is all about vintage this year as understated yet extremely beautiful designs are the range. To see how to work this trend effectively all you need to do is head to WatchBox Luxury watch retailer. They have an excellent selection of vintage watches for you to choose from. Think about brown and worn looking leather coupled with ornate and dainty details. The great thing about vintage is that there is so much potential and you are going to invest in a watch that will be deemed fashionable for years and years to come as it has that elusive timeless quality. 


Fedoras are definitely the hat of choice this winter. They have a real chic edge to them that will instantly spice up any outfit and give it a sophisticated yet funky edge. Not to mention, they will keep your head warm as well. Instead of going for a traditional black fedora, why not opt for a deep yet inviting shade? Jade or oxblood are colors that work really well and bring life to winter attire, thus it’s certainly worth considering one of the two.

Soft Pink

Soft pink is undoubtedly the top color for winter 2021. This is a shade that has that beautiful soft yet magical winter wonderland feel. It presents you with a brilliant way of adding a flirty and feminine vibe to your outfits. There are so many different ways you can bring pink into your outfit. From glamorous pink chandelier earrings to oversized clutch bags; go for whatever works for you and matches in with the outfit you are wearing. You simply cannot avoid this color throughout the coming months. It’s going to be everywhere! 

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