Guys- It’s Time to Get Out of Your Style Rut

The way we look is important, not only does feeling confident in our appearance boost out self esteem- but it’s also the way we present ourselves to the world. If you don’t take care of the way you look, it’s easy to assume that you don’t care about other elements of your life, which can really go against you in situations like job interviews, dating or even just meeting people for the first time. You don’t have to be the sort of guy that spends hours in the bathroom ‘manscaping’, fake tanning or meticulously planning outfits (unless you want to!) However all of us, regardless of gender should take some care about the way we present ourselves- you don’t need to aim for perfection, but do try and make the most of what you have. Perhaps you’ve been dressing purely for comfort on more days than you’d like, or maybe it’s just a case of you’re in a bit of a style rut and have looked the same for the whole of your adult life. If you’ve been feeling a little scruffy or insecure lately, or you just fancy a change, here are some of the ways you can go about it.



You don’t need to be massively fashion forward to look nice in the things you wear. The key is to dress to your body shape and stay looking neat. For example, jeans, pumps and a casual t-shirt is a fantastic look for the daytime. But keep a pair of pumps or trainers specifically for daytime wear so they stay clean and free of scuffs. If you’re going to be exercising, getting muddy or doing messy DIY jobs then wear different footwear. Keep your clothes for regular daytime wear neat and clean and then have separate wear for lounging or for messy jobs. You could try adding an accessory to your look to freshen things up, a piece of leather jewellery or a hat for example could work well.



Having a fresh new trim can do wonders for your self esteem, and it can completely change up your appearance. Something like a temp fade can look very cool and edgy, otherwise you could try going shorter or longer than you usually would for a bit of a change. Ask your barber to recommend you a cut that suits your face, for example if you have a very slim face you might look better with shorter hair, or if your face is a little rounder keeping a little length or volume could help to balance things out. Most men notice some hair loss by age thirty five, if this is something you’ve experienced and you’re unhappy with how it looks there are a few options these days. If the receding is more of a recent thing, you can take medication that affects how the hormones in your body lead to male pattern baldness. In many cases they can slow receding and balding down significantly and even slightly reverse it. However if you have been receding for a long time, chances are the hair follicles would have shrunk meaning they’re no longer able to grow hair. Because only the crown is affected in male pattern baldness, hair transplants can be very effective. Here, hairs are taken from elsewhere on the scalp and because these hairs are resistant to the DHT hormone leading to baldness, the results are permanent. Hair transplants have been given a bad reputation in years gone by due to people having bad ones- however these days the procedures are excellent. Hairs are taken individually rather than ‘plugs’ and the finished result looks completely natural. Another option is to have a ‘scalp tattoo’- these are useful for men who like to shave their head but still want to give the appearance of a full hairline. Here, tiny tattoo ‘dots’ look like hair follicles giving a bald scalp a shaved head look.



The style of your facial hair is another key part of your appearance. If you’ve never been a fan of clean shaving and find yourself fighting that four o clock shadow every day, thankfully beards are very much in style at the moment. Even in professional settings that would have once called for men to be clean shaven, it’s now acceptable to have facial hair. The key to getting this right is to keep it groomed, it doesn’t need major time investing into it but you of course need to keep on top of it to look sharp in your appearance. Give it a regular trim, or have your barber neaten things up when you have your hair cut.


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