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3 “Insider Secrets” to Shred Fat Fast As Hell


We live in the age of the idealized human frame. The abs and muscles of Marvel heroes and heroines are plastered all over the screen making people from every corner of the globe wonder – is it possible to retain such a shredded look? Moreover, it is feasible to have such a visually stunning musculature for prolonged periods, let’s say, years?

Well, to answer the latter question first, it is possible, but retaining the shredded look is too often a big chore for people that, for the lack of a better expression, don’t have to look like that for a living. Still, you can achieve this more efficiently than you’d imagine if you stick close to the “insider secrets” to shred fat fast as hell.

Run for your life

You can (and should) run outdoors, and indoors in equal measure, if you’ve renewed your gym membership to get shredded. When it comes to the type of shoes to choose for indoor running, you can allow yourself the liberty of getting whatever makes your feet most comfortable. Cushioned soles, a less sturdy frame of a shoe are completely legitimate as long as you don shoes indoors exclusively.

Don’t forget to purchase another, sturdier pair for your outdoor shenanigans. Remember to diversify your runs to keep your muscles on the edge and fat mass melting away, and don’t forget the strength training that perfectly accompanies jogging sessions.

This is the ultimate insider secret of running for a shredded body – every run should be different, push yourself further every time and add new obstacles and challenges to ‘shock’ your body into melting fat.

Strength training

Unfortunately, too many people that run to lose fat don’t know how efficient it gets when combined with strength training. However, if you combine your intense cardio with intense supersets of strength exercises, the results you can get are astounding.

Super-sets are essentially a subtype of strength training that involves quick movement from one exercise to another, which often involves a completely different part of the body while the other one rests. Specifically, quick movement means short rests, possibly no rests at all if you are up for it.

If you are looking for concrete suggestions, look no further than lifting weights – in any shape or form – as the ultimate way to lose fat and gain muscle over time, especially if you attach your strength workout routine to regular running sessions.

High protein, low carb

Now, the ultimate ingredient to this dual setup of run-lift is a reasonable dietary plan that contributes to weight loss and makes your muscles pop.

You’ve probably heard of a ketogenic diet – the plan that flips the arrangement by recommending the ingestion of 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% carbs. This diet has helped many people shred their fat by way of metabolic encouragement.

Essentially, once your body stops getting ‘freeload’ energy from carbs, it panics and begins burning your fat to produce ketones, molecules with the high-energy value which, in turn, feed your muscles and your brain.

However, this diet does not work for everyone. While it does promote weight loss, it can be too taxing and wear down people, even compromising their immunity. However, certain aspects of this diet are broadly correct.

Increase the intake of proteins and lower your intake of carbs as much as you can. Specifically, exclude widely-renowned bad carbs from your diet. You’ve probably already heard what sort of food products and groceries fall under the umbrella term of ‘bad carbs’: refined pastry, most snacks (chips especially) and candy; sodas, factory-produced juices (even when they have a 100% juice label), ice creams and many others.

Don’t fall into the marketing trap and purchase the supposedly ‘healthy’ or ‘sugar-free’ variants of pre-made products. Start purchasing more raw fruits and veggies at a local marketplace and create your own, homemade meals to get the exact nutrients that your muscle mass requires.


As long as you stick close to the tips suggested above, you should get reasonably shredded quicker than you expect. Getting there is not so much a challenge as the retention of that frame. Still, you should know that nobody expects you to have such a muscle mass and even individuals whose livelihood depends on a shredded look don’t retain it all the time.

What you want is to achieve peak health with minimal-fat presence in your bloodstream and beneath your skin. Such a goal bodes well for your cardiovascular health, your overall restfulness and resistance to injury and chronic inflammation processes. The “insider secrets” offered here should easily help you with that.

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