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Boost Your Wellness And Find Your Inner Calm

We can all benefit from being a little healthier, happier, and calmer too. Although sometimes such things are hard to find in this busy world. There are, however, some methods that can help you develop your inner calm and wellbeing. Just keep reading to find out who they are. 

Cut out sugar 

It sure can be tempting to reach for a candy bar when we are feeling low, tired, or even afraid. In fact, that initial injection of sugar can make us feel immediately better for a moment or two, at least. 

Sadly, the high that sugar produces in our bodies is not one that stays around for long. In fact, it is usually accompanied by an even more significant dip in mood and energy that we started with. This means that means sugar consumption can leave us in a worse position than we started. It can even encourage us to get into a cyclic form of eating this high-calorie treat. Something that has been linked to insulin resistance and is known to aggravate mood disorder, especially anxiety. 

To that end, ditching the refined sugar and going for more slow-releasing energy alternative instead is the smartest move. A selection of which you will find here

Start meditating 

Meditation is a practice growing among people that are looking to improve their wellness and especially to develop their sense of inner calm. In fact, there has been a range of studies demonstrating that particular forms of meditation can have a positive effect on mood.

Of course, there are so many different types of meditation practice that you can be faced with an overwhelming choice. Although the most popular in the west currently include the non-denominational mindfulness practice

However, there are other spiritual led practices to consider as well, including the meditation that guru Prem Rawat developed. Which focuses on his message of peace, and the cultivation of inner calm. The latter being a pursuit that is common to many types of meditative practice. 

Try CBT 

Additionally, if you are looking to promote inner calm, then using western therapeutic methods can help. In particular, CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy, which comes from the third wave of psychology, can be useful. 


The reason being that it is an approach that encourages a separation between thought and action or belief. Something that can help you put a bit of distance between your reactions and how you actually decide to act. Which can be very useful in being able to better cope with problems and issues in life without losing our calm. 

Find what lights you up. 

Finally, many of us in today’s world are very focused on our careers, and the success that can be achieved externally. Sadly, such job roles do not always line up with our inner passions and the things that replenish our energy mentally and emotionally. 


That is precisely why we need to find time to do things outside of work that are meaningful to us. Such as a creative or an artistic hobby, or even helping others by volunteering in the community. In fact, it is by doing so that we can get more of the much needed happiness and calm that will allow us to be our best selves. 


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