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3 Reasons Why an Office Job Could Possibly Be Bad For Your Health

Whether you’re presently commuting to an office job, or are expecting to return to one when all of the current mayhem has died down, it’s worth taking stock at this time and remembering that we’ve all had a very clear reminder of the importance of looking after our health. And what many of us may have learned since the turn of the year is that a job which involves sitting in front of a screen does very little good for our health.

Commuting itself is bad for us

Let’s be honest about a home truth that it’s taken a global pandemic to bring to light; your morning commute is flat-out bad for you. Studies have shown that driving 10 miles or more to work – or more than half an hour on public transport at both ends of the working day – increases anxiety and depression, raises cholesterol, and lays waste to your sleep patterns. If you can make a change to your commute, do it.

Sunlight deprivation carries numerous risks

As we move towards the shorter days of the year, there’s a lot to look forward to as Autumn delivers its austere beauty. That said, if you’re stuck indoors, you won’t have the chance to enjoy that scene. For many people, work means arriving before it gets light out and then leaving when it’s already dark again. The lack of exposure to sunlight plays havoc with your internal clock, and can affect your ability to focus.

All that sitting is a negative for your fitness

The longer you spend sat down, the fewer calories you burn, leaving you prone to gaining weight. However, even if you can adjust your diet to take account of this, and put in exercise out of working time, the posture forced upon you by a desk can lead to arthritis and other issues with joints. Trying a standing desk will open you up to the benefits seen in the infographic below, and will make your working week more enjoyable.

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