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4 Practices To Remove Toxicity In Your Life

Removing toxicity from your life is probably more difficult than it sounds. It is something everyone says they do and soon realizes that it takes longer than one day. Nothing can change overnight. Instead, you need to practice removing toxicity from your life and maintaining those practices. Here are four that can effectively help you remove toxicity from your life.

Stop using toxic substances

Stopping smoking, substance abuse, and excessive alcohol consumption is are great strategies for optimum health. Although these aren’t easy to remove from your life, practicing to cut down and eventually quit will help you slowly get there. 

If you do struggle with addiction and find it difficult to withdraw from it, then getting addiction treatment for prescription drugs will aid you in recovery and help you remove the toxicity in your life for better health and wellness. 


Mindfulness is a variety of practices that can help you achieve a better quality of life and remove toxicity from your life. For instance, practicing yoga, self-love, reading, and meditation are all ways to self-focus and be on track to better health and wellbeing. 

Spending time on yourself and focusing on what your mind and body what and need, you can flush away the negativity that might be causing you to attract toxicity. You may find it easier to let go of bad habits or negative energy if you practice mindfulness daily. You will have a better sense of what you should and shouldn’t have in your life. 

Limit time online

Your online presence can be entertaining and non-damaging for a set amount of time. Ten minutes here and there may not affect you mentally. Whereas hours and hours may have a significant effect. Thus, limiting your time online (especially social media) can help you achieve a strong mental state and reduce the attraction of negativity. 

People’s screen times are quickly increasing due to the attraction of social media apps. But, we need to realize to take a step back now and then. Practicing a timed limit will ensure you do spend too long online and damage your mentality. 

Separate yourself

If you find certain people in your life are causing the toxicity, then you may want to consider separating yourself from them. You may not need to separate from them forever. But, some time away may help you refocus and avoid allowing them to rub off on you in a negative way. 

If you spend time away from them and things are still the same, then you might want to talk to them about it. If you want to keep them in your life but want to have a healthier relationship with them, then it is best to talk things through so that things can improve. 

The more time you spend focusing on yourself, the more you can understand what is good and bad for you. Meditating and practicing mindfulness are good ways to self-focus. Then, separation and eliminating toxic aspects can help you live a more positive and healthy life. 

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