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4 Top Services to Achieve the Healthiest Hair

Written by: Jennifer James

There are many reasons why people take pride in their hair. For some, it makes them feel younger and for others it allows them to look their best. However, there are many challenges that might reduce the quality of your hair. Some of those reasons range from stress and medical conditions to aging, genetics, and pregnancy. You might not have any power against chemical hair treatment and types of styling that you might avoid. But no matter what the reason, there are services to improve your hair quality.

1. Washing

The other way your hair quality might reduce is through washing it. The hair might be affected if you wash your hair more than three times a week. The second is if you use the wrong products to wash your hair. The first way, which is washing your hair more times than it is prescribed, reduces the hair quality since it removes the natural oils and proteins in the hair. The oils and proteins are crucial to the hair as they help the hair and scalp to be healthy.

The other way to wash your hair might harm your hair when the wrong shampoo is used on your hair. Before using any shampoo, a person must know the type of hair and the results they wish to achieve. Some include fine hair, colored, thick and curly hair. Once you have identified the type of hair you want, use the shampoo meant for such hair to achieve its prime hair.

2. Hair Transplants

Some of the ways that your hair quality might reduce might be through your hair thinning or going bald. In both conditions, the natural quality of your hair is affected and affects how you look. The best service to solve this challenge is by having a hair transplant. The hair is transplanted from the healthy area to the region that has been affected by the conditions.

One of the facilities offering hair transplants in Beverly Hills, CA, Parsa Mohebi Hair Restoration says, “You will start to see results between 3 months to one year after having your procedure. Full results are usually seen around 8 months.” The service restores the quality of your hair to its former glory or better. The transplanting service can be done in two ways. The first is Follicular Unit Strip Surgery, which involves placing the hair grafts under six to ten inches of your skin. The second is Follicular Unit Extraction, whereby the follicles are placed on slits.

3. Protection

Your hair is exposed to all types of harmful things that might affect its quality. Some are natural such as UV light from the sun and humidity. The other harm could be from the services received from the hair salon. Hair quality reduces when it is subjected to tools that heat the hair. Some of the tools used on your hair that might reduce its quality might be hair-straighteners, tongs, and hairdryers. The heat from these devices destroys the protein structure in your hair strand. As a result, the hair’s ability to curl is destroyed. The hair is also less bouncy, and breakage occurs more often. To achieve prime hair quality, you should avoid using appliances that might harm the hair. That means you should not use appliances that heat the hair. It would be best if you also used a heat protector to help improve your hair quality.

After years of styling and brushing, it can be tricky to maintain the best hair quality possible. This can be changed

4. Hair Brushing

You might love to have neat and well-kempt hair. To do so, you brush your hair frequently. But, you should know the right way to do so or end up reducing the quality of your hair. One of the things you should know is that you should not brush your hair aggressively—aggressive hair brushing damages the hair.

To minimize the damage on the hair, you should also brush your hair twice a day. If you do so, your hair can stay healthy and untangled. You should brush the hair from the bottom for you to have prime quality hair, working your way to the roots. If you do so, your hair is safe from damage when brushing. When your hair is wet, you should refrain from using the same hairbrush as you do when it is dry. Use a wide-tooth comb instead. This is done since the hair is fragile and could easily break when it is wet.

In conclusion, your hair is one of the most significant parts of your body. Your hair also needs special care if you want to have a good quality of hair. You might not be a hair model, but having the best quality hair might make you envy among your friends, family, and admirers. Good hair also helps your self-esteem. If you look and feel good, you will feel more comfortable working and socializing.

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