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The Essential Guide for Getting Started on a Bicycle

Written by: Becca J. Meyers

If you’re reading this you probably want to learn how to ride a bicycle or want to be part of an upcoming bike riding competition, and don’t know where to start. You can follow our essential guide below to get some tips on where to begin. Many people who have tried bike riding have ended up frustrated as they lacked something or someone to guide them through the journey. Feel left out no more as we present a comprehensive guide on where to begin and how to conduct yourself. However, always remember that bike riding training should always be fun.

Learn Cycling Techniques and Etiquette

To avoid some common emergencies, you must learn the right cycling techniques. These techniques help you maneuver challenging tracks that many end up in distress. For the first few months, riding for more hours can improve your cycling techniques in a significant way. In one week, you may decide to train for up to 10 hours. However, there must be intervals, or you can proportionately divide these hours with the number of days. Training in intervals will ensure an increasing workload between high intensity and low-intensity recovery moments. When working on your practice, it is also vital that you join a biking community. This will build your confidence and increase motivation as you continue to learn new skills. Apart from understanding the different bike riding techniques, make sure you learn the right etiquette to use during bike riding. This might be of great help when dealing with a team of bike riders.

Train Right

You must enroll or develop your own for a step-by-step training program that will equip you with all the skills you need to ride a bike. Before throwing yourself into workouts as a beginner, there are some crucial tasks you need to conduct while checking off your list. First, go to a bike shop and get your bike tuned up. If you are required to replace worn put parts such as bike tires, chain, and brake pads, kindly make sure you do to equip yourself with the right tools for supporting your ambition. Also, it would be best if you acquired a bike fit. This is because training may impose stress on the body, thus getting a comfortable bike will ensure that you ride smoothly and avoid any risks. The best bike fit prevents neck soreness as well as pain on the back. It would be best if you also geared up by buying the right protective gear and bike accessories. For clothes, consider buying fabric that is moisture-wicked and uses layers that you can quickly shift through based on the weather conditions. Finally, always do not forget the helmet. 

Learn Basic Emergency Repairs

Most of the common mishaps that one might encounter during bike riding is a flat tire. This is common in the bike riding world, mainly if you are riding in a place you have not been to before. As such, it might be overwhelming if you end up in such areas and leave you with many regrets. Therefore, as a beginner, you must learn about emergency repairs. This is because it is always best to be prepared in case disasters strike. In this case, you need to carry an extra tube, a tool kit, and a CO2 cartridge. These are essential tools necessary for repair. Therefore, you must be ready for tire-related issues. Besides, train to understand how the tools are used to avoid confusion in case of an emergency.

Bike riding training, just like any other training, needs you to have the right tools. The tools are crucial during emergency moments and can come in handy. Besides, it is worth noting that one cannot learn a skill within one day. As such, you must practice patience and trust the process. To gain more motivation, always look for a mentor who can lead you to become an excellent rider. Besides, remember issues such as biking diets as well as biking accessories that are ideal for a long trip. If you have been facing challenges in your bike riding activities, always refer to some of the helpful information above. You might be a couple of steps away from improving your bike riding or getting started on a skill you will never forget. 

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