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5 Choices That Can Make You Healthier, No Matter the Lifestyle

Author : Cathy Scarlett

If you are suffering from health problems, whether it’s asthma, diabetes, allergy, or anything else, it’s probably because you aren’t eating healthier.

All forms of medical treatments including Western, Ayurveda, and Homeopathy have confirmed that our health is largely determined by the food that we eat.

The worst part of being unhealthy is that your health has a direct impact on your happiness too. Unhealthy people often suffer from physical and mental problems, which cause unhappiness. To make life easier for you, here is a giant list of health and happiness tips that you can use as a reference guide to figure out how you can invite positivity into your life.

  1. Include raw, organic, and local honey in your diet

We are not talking about the commercially manufactured honey. By raw and organic honey, we mean the pure honey that is extracted from beehives using natural methods. You can find them in any local forest area close to your place.

Natural honey is rich in vitamins and essential minerals like iron, potassium, zinc, copper, calcium, sodium, magnesium, and zinc which combine and work as remedies to protect you from diseases. All you need is just one teaspoon of honey twice a day to supply your blood with immense health benefits.

  1. Pay attention to your food and climate

Food and climate change can breed a range of diseases like cold, fever, and headache when you fail to adapt to the conditions. The best way to benefit from your diet is to eat and drink according to the climate.

For example, drinking warm water during the winter can protect you from climate-related diseases. The reason why diseases are common during climate changes is that cold foods have a tendency to affect the spleen and lead to mucus problem. Avoid taking cold food during the winter and at night in the summer. Yeah, no smoothie, ice cream, or salad on colder days. Instead, go for hot soup and heated food.

  1. Hydrate frequently

The minimum requirement of ‘eight glasses of water daily’ has been stressed a lot, but it’s worth saying. No matter what climate it is, your body needs to be hydrated to function properly. However, make sure to drink hot or cold water according to the climate.

  1. Eat lots of fermented foods

Sometimes, you could be eating well but fall sick. What could be the reason? Well, if your body isn’t as resistant to diseases as it should be, then it means there is something missing in your diet.

Studies have found that 80% of our immunity is determined by our gut, and that again depends on how much beneficial flora you have in your gut. Adding fermented foods to your diet can immensely benefit your gut flora by boosting your immunity to diseases.

Doctors recommend taking antibiotics to improve immunity. But, if you want to go for natural options, then make sure you don’t miss including fermented foods in your diet.

  1. Figure out healthy fats

There is a misconception that all fats are bad for health. But, they are not. There are two types of fat – healthy and unhealthy. Unhealthy fats are the fats you get from unnatural and processed foods – that includes all forms of animal fat. They can lead to obesity and an increase in the cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, including healthy fats can keep you full and help meet your essential nutrition requirements for the day.


No matter how busy you are, making simple changes like these to your diet can improve your health dramatically. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section below.

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