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7 Tips to Eliminating Back Pain for New Moms

By: Katerina Weissova

Being new to motherhood will introduce you to a lot new feelings that you never knew you could feel. From emotional, spiritual, psychological and physical feelings, new moms learn to process these every day as they hold their newborn baby with pride and love. One of the most common physical feeling every new mom can get is back pain. It can be fleeting but it can also be nagging. Performing daily chores and taking care of the baby can take its toll on your physical attributes, thus the occasional, or sometimes frequent back pain.

It’s perfectly normal, and it can definitely be eliminated without the help of medication. Here are 7 tips for new moms for effective and quick back pain relief.

  1. Start exercising or yoga

Often, back pain after childbirth is caused by muscles that have not been stretched for too long or are not in position. The most natural way to put them back in place is by exercise or yoga. These two can help with strained muscles and ligaments that may have developed during pregnancy. If you had a C-section, you will want to start light such as walking and work your way towards other simple exercises.

  1. Take the right diet

Your diet plays a huge part in your health and removing any illness or pain you feel around your body. Eating the right types of food and in the right amount will allow your body to recuperate from the strain after childbirth and lack of nutrients. Taking the right diet will let your body absorb the right nutrients for faster recovery which can eliminate, or even avoid back pain.

  1. Do some pelvic tilt

Pelvic tilt is a form of exercise that targets the lower back and muscles that may have strained during pregnancy and back pain caused by carrying the baby for too long and doing chores all day. Pelvic tilts are done by lying flat on your back. Bend your knees and both feet should be flat on the floor. Slowly raise your pelvic area lightly while gathering strength from your tailbone area. Keep this position for about 3 seconds and then release. Repeat the steps 10 times.

  1. Try to get back to your normal weight

Your weight is a factor that causes back pain after giving birth. It is no secret that pregnancy will make you gain weight and will make you feel heavy. The best way to eliminate the heavy feeling and remove back pain is to go back to your regular diet. Take a look at your diet and meal plans and make adjustments in terms of protein, carbs and calorie intake.

  1. Ice pack

When back pain becomes a little too unbearable, you might want to resort to first aid assistance. Putting an ice pack in the affected area can be an effective first aid response to eliminate back pain. The cold pressure will numb the muscles and keep them from straining further. Cold pressure can also promote better circulation in that area to ensure that it gets the right amount of oxygen and blood.

  1. Get regular massages

While you may not have been allowed to get regular massages during pregnancy, this is the time to get back on your spa routine and get a massage from professionals who know how to identify any cause of back pain and realign your muscles in that area.

  1. Change your sleep position

Your sleeping position may be a factor in your back health. Be sure to sleep in the right position. The most effective sleeping position to eliminate back pain is to sleep flat on your back. This will allow a better circulation on the back area.

Don’t let back pain hinder you from enjoying every minute with your new bundle of joy. After all, it will only be a short time before they start walking, running and playing around the house.

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