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Best Beyoncé songs to help you get your workout done

By: Rachel Scruggs Fit 29 Blog 

Everyone knows that any Beyoncé song makes the best go-to for a workout playlist. From Crazy in Love to Ape Sh*t you’re sure to get your heart pumping for any workout routine you do. There’s just something about hearing Bey playing that just gets you moving. My all-time fave Beyoncé song to workout to is Get Me Bodied, especially when the last part comes in that tells you the different movements to complete. I’ve complied a list of the Top 10 Beyoncé Songs to Workout to below:

  1. Get Me Bodied [Extended Mix] 6:18
  2. Crazy in Love 3:56
  3. Formation 3:26
  4. Upgrade U 4:32
  5. Freakum Dress 3:20
  6. Shining 4:42
  7. Sorry 3:52
  8. Ape Sh*t 4:25
  9. Top Off 3:52
  10. Run the World 3:55


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