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Are You Accidentally Harming Your Pet’s Health?

We love pets. There’s a lot about America that we can’t seem to say for certain during these strange times. But that’s certainly something we can say with a lot of confidence! It’s been estimated that about 65% of American households have at least one pet. There are nearly 200 million dogs and cats in the care of humans at the moment. And it’s been estimated that these statistics are incomplete – the actual numbers are probably higher!

This sounds all well and good, right? Having a pet in the home certainly has a lot of benefits. They relieve stress and loneliness. It also means that there are fewer animals out there who don’t have a home. But these numbers might actually be worrying if you look at this phenomena in a different way.

The fact is that most of us are actually not that well-versed in animal health. Sure, most of us take our pets to see the vet at least twice a year. But the fact is that there are several things most damage a pet’s life that most Americans have never even considered.

Most pets actually have the potential to live a lot longer than they end up doing. The same can be said for humans. But we’re more keenly aware of the things that harm us. In fact, being aware of these dangers to us can help us protect our pets, too. Because the unhealthy habits of most humans have parallels in the world of pets…



The dangers of pet food

Think about the kind of food we eat. It’s often split into three categories, if we want to be rough about it. There’s fresh, healthy food. There’s stuff that’s a bit healthier but still processed. And then there’s straight-up junk food, loaded with chemicals and lacking in nutritional value.

Well, the vast majority of Americans feed their pets the equivalent of that junk food every day. You should do some more research into the industry of pet food. Most of the popular products are processed, low-quality, and loaded with cheap filler.



Lack of muscle and joint care

Sure, you take your dog for a brisk walk every day. (Or, at least, you should!) And cats basically get up to their own active mischief when they’re not sleeping. But just like most of us, animals don’t really get the muscle and joint attention that they need!

We get up to a wider variety of things in our daily lives, helping us exercise more areas of our bodies. But the average activities of our pets don’t come with these benefits. You can actually help delay the “stiffening” of muscles that affect a pet’s later life. Something like animal chiro can help.



Toxins in the air

You’re probably already aware of the dangers of household chemicals. The harsh cleaning products, the sprays loaded with artificial fragrances, bleach, fabric softeners… All these things, and more, load our household air with harmful chemicals.

Well, those things are certainly a burden on your lungs. But imagine a pet’s lungs! They’re a lot smaller, and anything that gets in there can have an even more harmful effect. So don’t just avoid harsh chemicals for your own sake – think of your pets!

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