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5 Safety Tips For Exercising At Night

I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to get out and exercise during the day. We’re all living busy lives, and sometimes, even the gym can be a stretch too far after a busy day’s work. Instead, we might limit our exercise to a quick stroll at night, or a 30-minute run before an evening meal. Obviously, exercising at night comes with its own set of dangers. So, if you’re finding yourself out and about in the dark, take a look at the following safety tips.

1.Carry ID With You

In the event that something goes wrong, having ID on your person can be an invaluable safety tool. If you were to be discovered after passing out, for example, family and friends could be notified quickly. In the event of any medical emergency, having this information on hand will make a first responder’s job that much easier. Anything from a driving license to a passport can be particularly useful in this instance.

2.Run Against The Traffic

It’s always dangerous running on the roadside, but that’s particularly the case at night. By running against the traffic, it helps both you and other drivers to identify the best course of action. For you, you’ll get a better look at oncoming vehicles and can make quick decisions to move if necessary. For them, they’ll have a clearer view of your presence and the moves you’re making. You’ll also want to dress appropriately to make this easier for them, which we’ll discuss later.

3.Stay In Well-Lit Areas

If your routine involves running down dark alleys, you might want to rethink it. Scratch that — you definitely want to rethink it! Staying in well-lit areas helps to keep you safe, preventing potentially dangerous encounters. It isn’t just small alleyways you need to consider, either. The addition of street lighting poles to a park can make a huge difference in terms of safety. A park shrouded in darkness can be a breeding ground for criminal activity and unsafe activities.

4.Bring Your Phone

As well as your ID, you’ll need to bring a phone along for the occasion. In the event that you feel unsafe, having a few emergency contacts to call at will can be beneficial. Also, you can actually download apps that will alert a selected contact that you’re in danger if necessary. Some can even snap a picture of the scene for you, helping others to understand the severity of the situation. And, whatever you do, make sure your phone is well-charged!

5.Dress For The Occasion

The choice of attire you decide upon should vary based on daytime and evening routines. At night, wearing reflective and bright clothing is particularly beneficial. You might even want to wear a head torch in order to alert others of your presence. If you can make people aware you’re coming towards them, you’re less likely to get into an accident.

Don’t be discouraged from exercising at night! It’s something many people choose to do, but requires an extra level of safety in order to prevent a disaster.

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