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Get These Famous Faces Fitness Secrets

In terms of fitness inspiration, you can’t do much better than the gym-honed bodies of the actors, singers, and models that fill our screens. It can seem impossible to replicate the abs, muscles, and tone that these famous faces seem to have. Whilst they may be able to afford a personal chef, trainer, and equipment, most of us can’t. Over the years, however, some famous faces have let slip some of their fitness tips and tricks for us to try. No personal trainer needed!

Amazing Abs Like Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Orlando Bloom are often seen getting their sweat on with some SUP paddleboarding. This new phenomenon has been created and championed by the people of Hawaii. Not only is it an amazing way to spend time in the crystal clear waters, but it’s also a hell of a workout.

Find the best stand up paddle board for your by researching what size and style you’ll need. It’s not like surfing, so you don’t need waves. In fact, the whole point is to balance yourself and your board on the flat water. You move forwards by propelling yourself with a paddle. Once you’re in the water you’re giving your body an all over workout. You’ll be strengthening your core, improving your balance, and if you fall off hauling yourself back on your board is a workout in itself!


Get Guns Like Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is Hollywood’s hardman, and he certainly looks the part. The 49-year-old continues to shock with his gym-honed body. The secret to his impressive upper body is some arm and shoulder workouts.


In order to build up your arms, you’ll need to eat and workout in a strict and intense way. Start by creating a workout centered around rope pushdowns, cable curls, and cross-body hammer curls. These will work all of your arms and help to build muscle. You’ll find all the equipment you need at the gym, so there are no excuses! To work on your shoulders implement some dumbbells and resistance bands into your routine.


Hurry Your Workout Along With Halle Berry

According to Berry’s trainer, Ramona Braganza, the superstar actress doesn’t like to waste time whilst working out. She prefers to do HIIT, high-intensity interval training instead. That way she can burn around 400 calories an hour by performing intense exercises in short bursts.


If you’re worried about injury or aren’t quite ready for the rapid speed of HIIT, try circuit training instead. Circuit training a low-impact version of HIIT. The participant still has to complete a variety of exercises in sequence, but you can lessen the reps and take it slow. You’ll soon see the results.  


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