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[Fitness] 7 Failproof Ways to Get Summer Time Fine For Summer ‘16

  1. Meal Prep: Cooking in Bulk

Meal prepping allows you to be organized & prepared during the work week. Plan your meals down to the specifics. When you do not have to make last minute choices about what goes in your mouth, you are more likely to succeed in sticking to that healthy eating regimen that you have concocted. Do your best to schedule meal prepping in your weekly routine, preferably on a Saturday or Sunday. Eating better is 80% of the battle to maintaining a healthy weight.

  1. Morning Tea

Skip your morning ritual of ordering a tall cup of coffee with a double shot of expresso at Starbucks. Reach for an energizing cup of hot or cold tea. Read the label to find the exact amount of caffeine that each type of tea contains. You can switch the flavor up by adding frozen berries, orange slices, or pieces of lemon. Tea is gentle on your digestive tract and won’t stain your teeth over time like coffee will. By drinking tea, you will consume a significantly less amount of sugar than coffee. In fact, try using honey. Most teas taste amazing without an added sweetener.

  1. Beauty Sleep

In order to remain healthy, you also have to get a healthy amount of rest each and every night. Don’t think that just because you decide to go to sleep that you are being unproductive when it comes to getting business done. Sleep allows your brain to move events, special moments, and most importantly information into your long term memory from short term memory. You will notice an enhanced mood, greater productivity. In the morning, you’ll awaken refreshed and notice that you’ll be able to process the day much better running off of an adequate amount of sleep.


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