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[Health and Fitness] Workouts NOT to Do For Your Summer Body – Bench Dips, Leg Extensions and More

We all know the importance of working out by now. Better mental attitude, more vitality, better physique, better sex life (woohoo), and simply a better you. So many people just go to the gym and do workouts that they see everyone else do. However, many of these popular exercises are not good for your body.
Here are 4 exercise that your body will scream THANK YOU for not doing them.
1) Bench Dips
   I must admit I fell totally victim to doing these. They make your triceps look like they are exploding, however bench dips are not good for you to do. This exercises causes abrasions to the deltoid, rotatory cuff muscles, and bursae can be imminent. In layman’s terms, this exercise can act to strongly exacerbate shoulder pain.
2) Upright Rows
   This workout not only puts a great deal of strain in a close proximity to the joint, meaning the shoulder and upper arm migrate very high into potential impingement territory. A great alternative would Initiating the lift with leg drive and turning the upright row into a high pull allows a lifter to use more weight and move it more explosively, all while placing less strain on the shoulder joint. In this case, one slight technical adjustment can shift a persistently painful exercise to a productively pain-free exercise.
3) Curtsy Lunges
   This exercise many ladies love to do, and it makes sense. What woman doesn’t want a tighter, more firm buttocks. Why this move sucks is because everything is out of alignment. This will produce unwanted stress on the IT band, which is the connective tissue that rubs against the thigh bones. Instead just try doing reverse lunges. Your knees will say Hallelujah.
4) Leg Extensions
   This maybe one exercise that everyone in the gym does, so how could it be harmful to you? Well let me tell you. This movement is considered to be an open chain exercise, which simply puts a lot of shearing force on your knee. Instead try deadlifting, or even leg press.
Remember exercise is important, but correct exercise is even better. So the next time you go to the gym and you see someone doing what you think is a cool workout, research and see if it is good for your body. Always remember to take care of your body, because it is the only vehicle we have to carry us through this journey called life. Contact me with  any questions you may have or if you need help with personal training and meal plans.
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