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[Fitness Tips ] Spring Break is Around the Corner – The 12 Minute Morning Workout

Story by : Bradley Jones – Herbal life 

What you value, you will make time for. This quote always sticks out in my mind, when I have countless people say that they just have no time to workout. I’ve been there before, I believe we all have. We wake up in a rush, we make it off to work, once work is over we need to run errands, and before you look up the day is gone.
So I’m going to give you this quick workout that will definitely have you sweating, and feeling good before you head into work. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you,the 12 MINUTE MORNING WORKOUT!
1) Stretch
2) Running in place and Jab
3) Jumping Jacks
4) Step Ups (use a chair)
5) Squats
6) Alternating Lunges
7) Side Lunges
8) Push-ups
9) Planks
10) Arm circles
With each exercise, go as fast as you can and rest for only 15 seconds between each exercises.
Each exercises lasts a minute. For each exercise, please YouTube how to do them properly, so that your form is correct. As always take care of your body, because this is the only vehicle we have to carry us through this journey called life. Reach out to me if you are looking for a personal trainer or need help with meals, or if you simple want to get into the best health every.
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