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[Fitness & More] 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Skip the Gym

It is 5pm and you have just clocked out. You walk to your car, open the door, and literally fall in. Weary from the full day of work, from the annoying boss telling you what to do, and from the pesky co worker that bugs you at every opportunity.
You start driving home, needing to eat you stop and get some Chick Fil a (because come on who doesn’t love that place.) You pass a local park and see people outside running. You see a 24 hour gym and notice the flock of people heading to workout.

You think to yourself, I really need to join them but I am just to tired. So you walk to get inside your home, turn on the television to watch Scandal, you eat, and there you remain for the night. Sadly this is the story of millions of people throughout the U.S. We just seem to busy and to lazy to find anytime to exercise. But why should I exercise you say, well let us clear it up.

7 Benefits to Exercise:
1) Controls weight
2) Combats health conditions and disease
3) Improves mood
4) Boosts energy
5) Promotes better sleep
6) Rejuvenates sex life ( Yes!)
7) Fun

The bottom line exercise is something we all should be doing. Even as you read this, you probably have known for a long time or heard your entire life that exercise is good for you. Then why do we as a society not make it a priority, and then sit and complain of how bad we feel when the answer is clear. EXERCISE!

So it seems to me what we need to work on is our mindset and changing it. For things to change we must change. For things to get better we must get better. But here is a good question for you. If nothing changes for you are you okay with that? So I’d like to urge anyone that is reading this to take the first step to a new you and exercise today. Yes, today! Walk around the block, go to the gym, put the remote down and just do something. I guarantee your body, mind, and spirit will thank you. Always remember to take care of your body, because it is the only vehicle we have to carry us through this journey called life. Contact Bradley to Join his Herbal Life nutrition team! Also if you have  questions or if you need help with personal training and meal plans.
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