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How to Boost Your Metabolism with Early Workouts

Written by: Sophia Smith

There are two types of people – those who like getting up bright and early, and those who are ready to murder you if you speak to them before they’ve had their first cup of coffee.

The first type tends to get more done. They’re the ones who get up early and manage to finish a whole 30-minute workout, while the rest of us sleep in and wake up looking like we just survived a hurricane.

How do those morning people do it? Is it magic? Hardly. They know that morning workouts are simply too useful to miss. Exercising as soon as you wake up is one of the best things you can do for your metabolism and your immune system, and if you get into the habit of doing it regularly, you’ll reap great benefits.

But how do we actually find the energy to get up early, work out hard, and improve our metabolism in the process? We can help you out.

If your biggest issue is waking up early, then you need to realize it’s all about habit. Anyone can become an early bird if they gradually get their body used to waking up sooner, but there’s a huge obstacle that a lot of women run into – sleeping in on the weekends. It’s good to keep waking up at 6AM or 7AM on the weekdays, but if you break that cycle by sleeping in until 9AM or 10AM on the weekends, you’ll feel tired every morning.

It’s impossible to create a “sleep bank” where every extra hour of sleep transfers towards the next week. Your body simply doesn’t function like that. The best way to help yourself get up early and feel alert even before you drink coffee is to wake up at the same time each day, regardless of what day it is.

Go to bed on time

Getting enough sleep is crucial to maintaining good health and a fast metabolism. It’s also going to help you actually get up early and find the energy to exercise. It might be tempting to stay up late and stare at your phone screen until after midnight, but putting your phone away early and focusing on breathing exercises until you fall asleep will be far more beneficial.

Understand the benefits

You burn more calories when you work out in the morning. Your body needs fuel to power up the workout, and since you haven’t eaten your breakfast yet, it relies on stored fat to get itself going. Your metabolism skyrockets during this time, and you basically get more bang for your buck. You might feel too lazy to get up and get moving, but your body will definitely thank you in the long run.

Give yourself proper fuel

One good way to motivate yourself to work out in the morning is to prepare a good post-workout snack. We recommend a good protein shake because it will feed the necessary protein to help your muscles firm up, and it will keep your metabolism working properly. We recommend that you pick the best whey protein powder you can find and mix it with almond milk, one mashed banana, and a spoonful of sugar-free peanut butter. It’s a delicious meal full of useful nutrients that you’ll look forward to eating after a tough cardio session.

One thing you definitely don’t want to do is skip your breakfast entirely. Eating the right food can actually speed up your metabolism, while not eating at all makes it slow down. So, do yourself a favor and don’t torture your body with starvation.

Prepare your workout clothes

One way to feel energized and ready to exercise is to lay out your workout clothes the night before. We recommend that you actually put some effort into getting good gym pieces, too – while working out in old sweatpants and a stained shirt is totally okay, you might actually feel better if you pick some sleek yoga pants and a cute top. If you look good you’ll feel good, and this kind of excitement will lead to a better workout and, in turn, better results.

Realize you don’t have to go to the gym

Home workouts can be just as effective as gym workouts, especially for busy entrepreneurs and work-at-home ladies who just don’t have the time to drive to the gym. And it’s especially true right now, when most of us need to keep social distancing in mind. The point is, you don’t have to do anything special to get fit. Simply get up, get dressed, and enjoy the peaceful morning yoga or cardio.

Drink green tea in the morning

If you really want to give your metabolism a kick in the morning, you can combine workout with another tip – drinking green tea. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants which can improve your immune system, and it’s known as one of the biggest metabolism boosters when taken regularly. So, pour yourself a cup of tea after your workout and enjoy it in peace.

All you need is a little willpower and some consistency. Once you get used to working out in the morning, you’ll start realizing that it’s one of the best ways to start your day.

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