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How to Have Fuller & Healthier Hair in no Time

Written by: Regina Thomas

You can attain fuller and healthier hair, using practical tips. The secret lies in how you handle your hair and what you eat. Also, the products that you use contribute immensely to growing your hair. You don’t have to use pricey masks or pop supplements to have thick hair. Here are easy steps that you can utilize to get healthy hair.

Consider Frequent Trims

For your hair to grow, you should consider frequent trims. It’s no secret that split ends hinder growth and cause hair breakage. On that account, haircuts will be a great idea to maintain healthy hair. Eliminating split ends boosts the sheen, volume, and smoothness in your hair. You don’t have to deal with losing your hair due to split ends. With this tip, you can share the idea with your friends using mass texting for nonprofits.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating the right foods is crucial if you want healthy hair in terms of length and volume. Incorporate proteins such as fish, salmon, milk, and beans into your dishes. Whole grains and nuts are also necessary for hair growth. What’s more, avocado and cauliflower have essential vitamins that will help you get healthier hair. Foods high in omega-3 such as fish, vitamins A, C, E, and minerals are an excellent choice for fuller hair.

Use Organic Hair Masks

Your hair and scalp require direct nourishment to maintain their health. Thus, you can try out natural masks that you can make at the comfort of your abode. Go for coconut milk, gooseberries, apple cider vinegar, garlic, and onion juice. Apply a generous amount to your hair and massage it to your scalp. You can let the mixture stay in your hair for 10 minutes before you rinse it.

Avoid Heat at All Costs

Heat styling reduces your hair’s volume and weakens it as well. Also, excessive heat damages hair and leads to frizz. If you can avoid the heat and maintain natural hair, that would be great. However, if you can’t do without a hairdryer or flat iron, keep it at minimum temperatures. You can use heat protectant sprays to protect your hair. This way, you can curl and dry your hair without causing harm that hinders growth.

Don’t Overwash

You might get tempted to wash your hair every day, but it’s not the best idea. Over-washing hair gets rid of natural essential oils that boost growth. Your hair will appear dry and weak as well due to loss of oil. Thus, you can wash your hair at most three times a week. It will maintain the nourishment and the moisture to make it healthy and smooth.

Use the Right Brush

Brushing your hair helps in distributing natural oils that bolster growth. The trick is to use the right brush that doesn’t damage your hair. When you brush your hair, you remove the dead parts and exfoliate your scalp. In turn, you will have healthy-looking hair. Before you go to bed, brush your hair to disperse the oils to achieve a natural glow. Ceramic brushes are the best compared to plastic ones.

Allow Hair to Breathe

When you tightly tie your hair to the back, it suffers massive damages. The pulling leads to breakage and split ends. Therefore, you need to let that hair breathe from time to time. It will be strong and grow without any stress that comes with tying your hair. Instead of tying hair, you can plait the ends if you are working from home. If you must tie it, don’t make it too tight due to the harm it causes.

Oil Your Hair

Oiling your hair keeps it moisturized and promotes growth. You can opt for natural products such as avocado oil and olive oil for healthy hair. They contain essential nutrients that make your hair fuller. Your hair will absorb the fats that improve length and volume. Use coconut oil, almond, and mustard oil for excellent results since they are organic. You can find the best hair growth products at any store near you.

Final Thoughts

Healthy hair needs nourishment by observing your diet and applying natural products. You should avoid excess heat and use the right brush to comb your hair. Washing your hair at most thrice a week is crucial as it preserves natural oils requisite for growth. Plus, you need to allow your hair to breathe by minimizing tight tying.

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