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How To Start Exercising And Stick To It


Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for yourself in terms of your health. Eating properly, sleeping well, educating yourself, and reducing stresses in your life are also crucial, of course, but if you don’t exercise regularly – trying to get at least thirty minutes of exercise each day – you really won’t feel the benefits as much, and you won’t be as healthy as you otherwise could be. This can have a detrimental effect on your life, meaning you can’t do as much, you get sicker more often, or your mental health suffers. Therefore, knowing that exercise is so important, you should also know how to get started and how to stick to your routine. Read on for some advice. 

Find A Workout You Enjoy 

Sometimes it’s not that – or not just that – you don’t have any motivation to exercise. In fact, sometimes you might really want to, knowing that it can make such a big, positive difference to your life. The problem is that you simply don’t enjoy it. This will always be off-putting; doing anything unpleasant will feel like a chore no matter what benefits it might bring. 


If this is how you feel about exercising, don’t worry; there is a solution. It’s highly likely that you would enjoy it much more if you found a workout that you like. Going to the gym isn’t for everyone, using a treadmill is something some find boring. Playing sports won’t be what everyone wants to do. So take it upon yourself to find out what it is you do want to do. 


Find Something You’re Good At 

Everyone has a desire to be good at whatever it is they’re doing, even if, in the long-term, being good at something has no particular benefit. However, the better we are at something, the more likely it is we’ll keep doing it; we get a sense of achievement and pleasure at seeing positive results. 


This is why it can be a good idea to find a workout or perhaps a sport that you’re good at and concentrate on that. If you have a knack for tennis, for example, keep working at it. You’ll get the exercise you’re looking for, and you’ll enjoy yourself, but you’ll also be able to prove that you’re good at what you’re doing, either to yourself or to others. 


Break Your Workout Up

If even half an hour every day seems to be too much to fit in along with everything else, then you could skip a day when it comes to exercise. However, if you find that you are skipping too many, or simply using this as an excuse not to exercise at all, then you’ll need to find another way to do things, and that could be breaking your workout up into smaller chunks. 


We’ve said that thirty minutes a day is a good place to aim for, but we didn’t say that those thirty minutes had to be completed all in one go. If it’s easier, take fifteen minutes when you wake up and another fifteen minutes during lunch, for example. Or exercise for three ten-minute bursts throughout the day. Or why not exercise for fifteen minutes, take a break to do something else – it might even be something sports-related, such as browsing Rawlings bats online – and then complete the final fifteen minutes sooner rather than later. You’ll still be exercising, but it won’t seem so daunting, and you’ll be able to reach your target no matter what. 

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