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How to Stay Positive While Working The Front Line

Written by: Amy Sloane

Front line workers did not ask to be thrown into the fight against COVID-19. But over the last few months, these workers have labored tirelessly to protect the lives of millions from the deadly effects of this virus. It is not surprising to learn that many of these workers are dealing with extreme burnout and significant mental health struggles. If you are one of these heroes, here are five ways that you can stay positive when working on the front lines of this massive health crisis.

Get Outside

A dose of fresh air can make a world of difference in your attitude. A nature break can be instrumental in restoring your mental health. Spending time outside in small spurts throughout the day will give you the strength to power through the day.

Engaging in physical activity will boost this effect even further. Even if it is just a short walk around your hospital grounds during a break, this chance to breathe in the beauty of the great outdoors will immediately improve your mood. Or try enjoying that cup of coffee out in the sun rather than indoors.

Keep Comfortable

It is hard to have a positive frame of mind if you are physically uncomfortable. One of the best things that you can do to boost your morale is to ensure that you are comfortable as you respond to the challenges of this unprecedented time.

For example, a dedicated men’s scrub jacket is both stylish and practical, making it a good choice for medical professionals dealing with extra-long workdays during this crisis. It is also important to have plenty of comfortable shoes to get you through the long shifts. You will notice that your mood is better if you are not focused on your physical discomfort.

Look for the Silver Linings

Admittedly, it can be difficult to see the silver linings in this difficult situation. But more now than ever, it is critical that you shift your thinking to see the good in every day. If you are aware of the ways that this pandemic has brought people together in new ways, you will be able to better navigate the negative aspects of the time period.

Seeing the best in every situation starts with practicing gratitude. Look around to find the silver linings of the pandemic. For example, you are probably enjoying an easier commute with fewer people on the road. Many families are spending more quality time together than ever before. Family dinners every night are back on the table because nobody is rushing to practice or other activities.

Practice Small Acts of Kindness

Sometimes the best thing that you can do for your own frame of mind is to be intentional about brightening the days of others. Practicing small acts of kindness can provide a boost to your own attitude.

Perhaps you want to surprise your colleagues with donuts and coffee one morning? Or be the person who leaves sticky notes of encouragement around your workspace? Your own mood will improve when are purposeful about spreading sunshine to others during this difficult time.

Addition, you should also take note of the acts of kindness being shown toward you. Maybe it is something as simple as people wearing their masks or making eye contact and giving you a thumbs up for a job well done. By noticing how others are doing their part, you will feel your own spirits start to lift.

Do Not Neglect Self-Care

You spend your entire workday taking care of others. Do not neglect to take care of yourself in the process.

Self-care looks different for each individual. Only you know what will recharge your batteries the most. For some people, self-care looks like exercise. For others, it looks like relaxing with a book or a long nap. However self-care looks for you, it is vital that you take this time for yourself so that you can better serve others.

It is understandable to feel upset about this crisis, especially when you are the one thrown into the battle. By being intentional about staying positive, you will be able to weather this storm and get through the crisis with your mental and emotional health intact.

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