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Simplicity and Warmth: The Art of Zen in Your Home

Written by: Lana Hawkins

Spending your days in a zen atmosphere of your home can bring you the much necessary peace of mind, relax you after a long day and reduce stress accumulation. Decorating and redesigning your home in a zen manner doesn’t have to be overly minimalistic. What makes a home zen is what you personally like and find calming. In that respect, there are no definite rules when it comes to introducing the art of zen into your own home, but there are some guidelines that can help you.

White as snow

Scandinavian-inspired home décor is a great example of how white-colored walls can look great in one’s home. If you want to make your home a true oasis of style and peace, definitely paint your walls white. It might seem too cold at first, but white allows you to introduce other colorful details. These can lift up the mood and make the whole atmosphere a lot warmer and more pleasant. Also, the best quality of white wall paint is undoubtedly the fact that you won’t have to face the difficulty of clashing colors. Basically, white walls are the symbol of simplicity but allow for personal touches more than any other shade.

Bring in the light

Nature is definitely something that’s often linked to zen experience. Therefore, try to utilize as much natural light as you can at your own place. Sunlight is a great booster of both the immune system and general mood. Of course, make sure that your artificial lighting is adequate as well. Instead of going for really bright, almost white lights, opt for a bit duller and warmer bulbs to avoid the impression of cold atmosphere and eye strain. If you’re set on having just one ceiling light, think about some interesting statement piece. On the other hand, if you want to have several wall lights placed around the room, opt for smaller and simpler ones.

Natural materials

Natural materials such as wood, wool and wicker are three Ws that lead to the final W – warmth. As mentioned before, nature is a big part of zen décor and, therefore, there’s no reason to miss on this step with furniture and accessories. Wooden and wicker furniture would definitely enhance the whole look of your home. Moreover, these materials allow for various DIY projects if you want to make certain pieces even more personal and simplistically decorative. What’s more, woolen bed and sofa covers can significantly warm up any room, so don’t shy away from those.

Handful of details

Zen homes don’t require a lot of accessories, details and clutter. Still, in order to add that final touch of individuality, some creative bits and pieces are necessary. With white walls you have the option of introducing colored furniture. Make the furniture upholstery your main part of the color scheme and add complimentary colors with few cushions and appealing works of art. For extra warmth you can play with layering rugs and carpets from HK brands, and add curtains that match your color scheme perfectly. Of course, don’t forget to get some plants that would contribute to the whole Zen idea.

Create a reading nook

Every zen place deserves its own corner for mindfulness. Since most people don’t have the luxury of an extra room in their homes, creating your own reading nook is a perfect way to achieve this. Adding your own little sanctuary at home is one of the most useful stress relieving techniques. Even if you’re not a big reader, having a so-called reading nook will provide you with the necessary space to relax and unwind, meditate, practice mindfulness, sip coffee, listen to some music, etc. Therefore, make sure to put all of your personality and love into creating this space. Of course, for a true zen feel, don’t overstuff it with accessories and details. Go for a simple yet comfortable look.

Applying the art of Zen to your own home has a deeper meaning to it than you might think. If you really want to get the benefit of such a décor, make sure to apply zen teachings to your whole lifestyle. So, always think through your every purchase, lead a simple yet fulfilling life and clear your thoughts of all negativity and mind chaos.


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