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Keeping Yourself Occupied Through 2021

2020 saw many of us spending extended periods of our time in lockdown or shelter in place situations, socially isolating or socially distancing from others. Unfortunately, it looks like this way of living is set to continue into 2021 in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19. But that doesn’t mean that 2021 has to be an entirely dull year. In fact, there are countless ways to keep yourself occupied and have a nice time, even if the usual places you visit aren’t open and you do have to keep your distance from people who aren’t in the same household. Here are a few suggestions that should bring a smile to your face and keep your schedule nice and busy!

Schedule in Film Nights

Who doesn’t love kicking their feet up, grabbing a bag of popcorn and a fizzy drink and having a film night? Drive-in cinemas have skyrocketed in prevalence and popularity over the past year and it gives you a safe way to have a fun night out. But even if these are closed due to restrictions, we’re living in an age where we have easy access to whatever you might feel like watching through an array of streaming services. Rewatch classics and old favorites, or keep an eye out for new 2021 releases. There’s hours of entertainment out there!

Try New Home Workouts

With gyms closed in many areas, a lot of us have turned to home workouts. But many of us aren’t finding much joy in them. We’re just repeating a series of HIIT activities, squats, sit ups, press ups and other common exercises. Instead, why not try something new? Follow a yoga video tutorial. Follow a ballet tutorial. Try online workshops for alternative dance, like vogueing. You don’t have to limit yourself to what other people might be doing. Find something that excites you.

Learn a Language

Ever wanted to learn a second (third, fourth or more) language? Well, now may be the time. There are all sorts of language learning software that you can use from home, such as Rosetta Stone, Duolingo and Babbel. There are also many online courses you can try out via video meetings. This is a great opportunity to use your time to learn a valuable and useful life skill!

Get Into Cooking

If you find that you cook the same few dishes on repeat, week in and week out, you’re not alone. This is what most people do. But why not widen your options? Try cooking new dishes. You can spend a lot more time in the kitchen right now than you might usually be able to dedicate to cooking ventures. This is a fun activity that can have some really delicious rewards at the end!

Of course, there are countless other at-home activities you could try out, ranging from arts and crafts to reading, but hopefully, those suggested above will help to inspire you and get the ball rolling!

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