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Look Good, Feel Good: 5 Tips For Healthier Skin

Written by: Sheryl Wright

Everyone wants a radiant and glowing complexion. But how do you get there? Taking care of your skin starts with taking care of your overall health. Here are five tips that will deliver healthy skin.

Protect Your Skin

The number one thing that you need to do for your skin to protect its health is to guard it against the sun. Too much sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, age spots, and additional skin issues. Repeated exposure to the sun without protection will also boost your risk of skin cancer.


In order to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, you need to use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Be sure to apply the sunscreen generously, repeating the application at least every two hours. This should be applied more often if you are in the water or sweating.

Use the Right Skincare Products

There is no shortage of amazing skincare products on the market that can drastically alter the appearance of your complexion. The challenging part is finding the right mix of products for your skin type. Do not be afraid to experiment to find the right balance of products for your skin.


Generally speaking, your skincare routine should start with a quality cleanser used twice per day. Using it more than this will only irritate the skin and strip it of valuable hydration. You may also want to consider a toner and an exfoliating product. Together, these products will strip away dead skin cells and unclog pores, leaving your skin clear and radiant. Be sure to finish your routine with a good moisturizer.


Be aware of the kind of makeup products you use on your face as well. Some skin can react badly to make up with certain ingredients in it, and many makeup tools are difficult to clean. This makes it difficult for your skin to stay healthy if you wear makeup often. You can make DIY makeup brush cleaner at home with natural ingredients that will help your skin and your makeup stay on-point.

Practice Good Health Habits

Your skin’s health is more than just what you use on it. You also need to take care of your overall health. Your skin is only as healthy as the rest of the body. Smoking can rapidly age your skin, causing wrinkles, depleting oxygen to the skin, damaging collagen and elastin, and increasing your risk of developing squamous cell skin cancer.

You should also be diligent about eating a healthy diet. A diet that is rich in fish oil, low in unhealthy fats and processed foods, and high in antioxidant-filled fruits and vegetables will promote younger-looking and radiant skin. It is also important to drink plenty of water so that your skin stays hydrated and dewy.

Explore the Use of Supplements

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle and using the right skincare products, you can also make skincare products and supplements a part of your daily routine. The right regimen for your needs will ensure that your skin looks the best that it can be.

There are a number of beauty supplements that you can take to promote brighter and more evenly toned skin. If you suffer from acne, there is also a supplement for you. It is easy to find supplements in a capsule or powder form, making it easy to incorporate it into your everyday routine.

Manage Your Stress

Too much stress can show on your face in various ways. As your body feels stressed, hormones are released that may negatively affect your skin’s appearance. This can trigger acne breakouts. In addition, too much stress can cause you to pick up bad habits such as picking your skin or biting your lips.

In order to control stress levels, you need to be diligent about getting enough sleep, scale back your list of commitments, and take time for self-care. All of these little steps can help you to lead a more relaxed lifestyle.

Remember that every individual has different skin needs. Knowing your specific skin type and needs will help you to make the best decisions to keep it healthy and glowing.

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